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Your impression of China in 2015

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A mixture of happiness and sorrow, the year 2015 is coming to an end and we invite you, the foreign friends who are involved in the past year with China or Chinese people, to share their stories with our millions of readers all over the world. We will select some of the best to highlight and reward the writers.

Who is invited?

Foreigners with something to say about their experiences in China during the past year. You may have visited for just a few days, spent longer here or never come over and just are involved with Chinese in your own country.

What to write?

Anything related to China or Chinese people that happened to you can be your subject. There are no set categories; it can be Chinese food, architecture, landscape, tradition or anything you think worth writing about.

How to join?

Send your work (better with two or three pictures) to


At least 200 words and one photo (not less than 50k) related to your story. More words and photos are encouraged. Please caption your photos with information such as who, what, where and when.

Deadline: December 26. 2015


First prize  Second prize  Third prize 

Your impression of China in 2015 

Your impression of China in 2015

Your impression of China in 2015


Kindle electronic reader (or payment of the same value)  

4G smartphone (or payment of the same value) 

Desk calendar for 2016 with pictures from our readers.  












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