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Canteens should rise to food delivery challenge

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-11-25 08:21

Canteens should rise to food delivery challenge

An employee at a Dicos outlet, a Western-style fast-food chain, in Zhengzhou, Henan province. The food chain has teamed up with Meituan, a group-buying service promoted by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. [Photo/China Daily]

In a survey conducted by Beijing Youth Daily, eight of the 18 top universities in Beijing expressed their disapproval of students getting meals delivered to dormitories. This has provoked different opinions from both students and the educators, the newspaper says:

First of all, it shouldn't be taken as an objection to food deliveries in general. The university managements just banned the delivery staff from entering the campus. Therefore, we should clarify the debate.

If the disapproval is because of the concerns about campus safety, then the universities should improve their fences. Either enhancing their campus security or changing the manner of the students collecting their food deliveries will likely work better.

If it is out of the concern over the competition between the off-campus meal providers and the campus canteens, the disapproval of the university managements is justified. There is no reason for the university authorities to deny students the convenience and variety of choice provided by meal deliveries.

Only by improving the food and service offered by the university canteens, will the universities win back the hearts and stomachs of students.

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