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Mercedes-Benz versus Jaguar

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-06-09 08:25

Of late, a video clip shot, showing a fight between the drivers of a Jaguar and a Mercedes-Benz on a street in Yunnan province and shot in 2012, has become popular on the Internet. The video has become popular even two years after being shot because it highlights a sensitive social issue: the difference between the rich and the poor, says an article in Qianjiang Evening News. Excerpts:

According to media reports, the Mercedes-Benz driver on the video tells the Jaguar driver: "You don't have any manners ... Didn't your parents teach you that poor people too are human beings?" The video has left the public wondering whether a man who owns a Mercedes-Benz can call himself poor. And if he can, then what kind of life do the really poor live?

Some people owning Mercedes-Benz may not be stinking rich, but they can never be called poor. The problem is that, in our fast-changing materialistic society the poor have become synonymous with losers.

No one wants to be a loser. But rich and poor, success and failure are all relative concepts. Ordinary and poor people consider those driving cars such as Mercedes-Benz very rich people. Nevertheless, compared with a person who owns a Jaguar or other luxurious cars, a man owning a Mercedes-Benz is seen as a "loser".

No wonder, the Mercedes-Benz owner in the video considers himself poor when confronted with a person who drives a Jaguar. Every person has the right to pursue his/her dream, but comparison with others is no way to lead a healthy life. If everyone gets involved in this game of comparison, our society will become a sick place. People need to focus on the real value of existence rather than blindly running after success and money.

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