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Is spanking children the right thing to do?

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Editor's note: According to a recent poll, 60 percent of Chinese people surveyed believe spanking is an effective way to discipline children and not a form of domestic violence.

There has been hot discussion on whether spanking children is the right thing to do. You're welcome to share your thoughts on the issue.


I don't know about you. But spanking did work for me. Recalling my own childhood, I can still remember three times when I was spanked.

There's one time after I got caught red-handed stealing crab apples with my cousin in a vegetable garden. The man told my father and I got a good beating.

There was another time when I slashed someone's sunflowers in half with a reaphook just for fun, and my mother spanked me hard until a scab on my arm fell off and blood dripped everywhere.

There was another time when my primary school teacher kicked my butt after I skipped an entire school day.

To me, those spankings served me right. I learned that I shouldn't disgrace my father, and there is a consequence for stealing.

I also learned that there's always a price to pay for your own wrong-doings. Most importantly, I never skipped a single class again after that spanking, now I was grateful to my teacher that I later became the only one in my village who got accepted to a university.

Is spanking children the right thing to do?

Is spanking children the right thing to do?
Is spanking children the right thing to do? Is spanking children the right thing to do?

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