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  • Economic revival


    The truth is, Northeast China still has the potential to relive its glorious past as the country's economic powerhouse thanks to its abundant natural and labor resources as well as pivotal location for cross-border trade.

  • Challenges


    In the next five years, China's steel sector has to reduce capacity by 100-150 million metric tons, while the coal-mining sector must also cut capacity by 500 million tons, with another 500 million tons to be restructured in the following three to five years.

  • New tourism


    Northeastern China's Jilin province is going to work with its neighbors to expand tourism development in the near future.

  • Jilin promotes e-commerce


    Bayinchaolu, the Jilin Party Secretary, spoke highly of the development of the e-commerce industry in Jilin city, a development which demonstrates a new business model connecting“distinctive agriculture” and “e-commerce platform”.