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  • Paradise of bird: Xianghai National Nature Reserve

    Xianghai National Nature Reserve is a paradise of birds. The nature reserve extends 100,000 hectares in Tongyu county,Jilin province, northeasten China. 39 percent of its area is covered with wetland, water, reeds, and virgin forests.

  • Exposing the beauty and mysteries of Changbai Mountain

    Breathtaking reserve is the stuff of legends, including tales of a lake monster

  • Wunu Mountain attracts many tourists with holiday ahead

    Visitors tour around a scenic spot of Wunu Mountain in Ji'an city, Northeast China's Jilin province, Sept 29, 2015. Autumn scenery there attracts many tourists.

  • Wangtian'e scenic spot

    It's a national AAA tourist attraction, a national forest park, a national natural reserve upstream of the Yalu River and a provincial geological park. The scenic spot is now applying to be a national geological park in the Changbai Mountains.

  • Hongye Valley

    Hongye Valley is located in the Qingling scenic spot of Lafa Mountain national forest park. Its landscape sceneries are picturesque throughout the year.

  • Triangle Dragon Crater Lake

    Triangle Dragon Crater Lake, on 833-meter-tall Longgang Mountain, in Huinan county, Jilin province, covers a 50-hectare area and holds 10 million cubic meters of water, with the deepest spot going down 104 meters.

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