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  • Fangchuan scenic spot

    The Fangchuan scenic spot is 75 kilometers to the south of the city of Huichun, in Jilin's Yanbian autonomous prefecture, near the juncture of China, the DPRK and Russia, covering a 20-sq km area alongside a river.

  • Changbai Mountains

    The Changbai Mountains sit in the southeast of Jilin province at the cradle of the Songhua, Tumen and Yalu rivers.

  • Chagan Lake scenic spot

    The Chagan Lake scenic spot is located in the Northwest of Jilin's Qianguo county, 45 kilometers from Songyuan city, 193 kilometers from Changchun city, 132 kilometers from Baicheng city, and 265 kilometers from Harbin in Heilongjiang province.

  • Town of Yehenara

    The Town of Yehenara, which sits on a mountain to the east of the Zhuanshanhu Reservoir, was the birthplace of Empress Xiaocigao and an ancestral home of the Empress Dowager Cixi, giving it the name, "Home of empresses".

  • Relics of the Koguryo Kingdom

    The Relics of the Koguryo Kingdom are found in and around the city of Ji'an, Jilin province at the Koguryo Kingdom site in the cities of Guonei and Wandu Mountain, which holds 14 imperial tombs and 26 other tombs.

  • Changchun Movie Wonderland

    Changchun Movie Wonderland is China's first film-themed park that combines the film industry with tourism.

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