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  • Hui Baozhen dumplings

    Hui Baozhen dumplings are a traditional food of the Hui ethnic group, named after group founder Hui Baozhen.

  • Braised pork with vermicelli

    The braised pork with vermicelli originated from Sichuan province and are now also a traditional food of Northeast China.

  • Qingling fish

    Qingling fish is one of the best savory dishes in Jilin.

  • Dingfengzhen Pastry Shop

    The Dingfengzhen Pastry Shop has a history of over 60 years.

  • Jilin fried starch

    Fried starch is a popular local snack in Jilin city. While it originated in Jilin, it has since gained popularity in Changchun, where residents are more likely to call it "stirred starch".

  • White meat with black pudding

    This is one of the most famous traditional dishes of Jilin province.

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