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  • Jilin's three lanterns

    As the birthplace of the ice lantern, Jilin province has gradually integrated the manufacture of ice lanterns with carving, shaping and architecture.

  • Sleeping on heated brick beds

    In cold winter, people in Northeast China have a habit of sleeping on heated brick beds, which are usually made of sun-dried mud bricks or house bricks with kraft paper spread on top.

  • Song-and-dance duet in Northeast China

    The song-and-dance duet in Northeast China, called Errenzhuan in Chinese, is one of the folk art forms born and developed in that region.

  • Manchu customs

    As the birthplace and one of the settlements of Manchu people, there are over 140,000 Manchus in Jilin city, consisting of about 4 percent of its population.

  • Korean customs

    The Korean ethnic group is quite diligent, wise and optimistic, famous for being good at singing and dancing.

  • Yangko in Northeast China

    Yangko is one of the folk recreational activities in Northeast China originating from productive labor.