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  • Changchun

    Changchun sits in central Jilin province and is the capital city of Jilin, as well as a political, economic, cultural and transportation center.

  • Jilin city

    Jilin city is rich in natural resources, especially its developed water system.

  • Siping

    Siping sits in the center of Northeast Asia, Songliao Plain's hinterland, and the juncture of Liaoning, Jilin and Inner Mongolia.

  • Tonghua

    Tonghua is located in the southeast of Jilin province, and faces the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) across the Yalu River.

  • Liaoyuan

    Liaoyuan city sits in the central and southern part of Jilin province, the transitional zone between Changbai Mountains and the Songliao Plain.

  • Yanbian

    Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture is under provincial jurisdiction and is the home of the Korean ethnic group.

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