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Tang Wei promotes Blackhat in Hollywood

[2015-01-13 05:28]

Chinese actress Tang Wei attends the premiere of their latest film Blackhat in Hollywood on Jan 8, 2015.

Chinese celebrities' international marriages

[2014-12-26 04:47]

A list of Chinese celebrities who married internationally.

Yearender: Chinese actresses who married in 2014

[2014-12-17 04:16]

Many Chinese actresses married in 2014. Let's recap them.

Zhou Xun rated as China's favorite star

[2014-11-27 10:08]

The 15th Huading Award international celebrity's satisfaction survey was released yesterday in Beijing. Chinese actress Zhou Xun topped the list with 93.86 points and tainted actor Kai Ko ranked last on the list.

Golden Era lacks silver-screen luster

[2014-10-09 07:48]

While The Golden Era directed by Hong Kong director Ann Hui has ranked among the most discussed films online this month, its box-office performance has been less than glittering.

Ann Hui, Tang Wei pose for movie magazine

[2014-10-08 13:30]

Chinese actress Tang Wei and director Ann Hui pose during a photo shoot for a movie magazine. Their latest movie "Golden Era," based on the life of Chinese female writer Xiao Hong, opened on Oct 1.

Actor Feng Shaofeng 'doesn't care' for Hollywood cameos

[2014-09-26 07:04]

It is hard to miss Feng Shaofeng's face in large posters plastered on the walls of Beijing's subway stations, promoting The Golden Era, a Chinese movie that will soon be screened.

Movie posters of 'The Golden Era'

[2014-09-26 06:45]

Chinese director Ann Hui's film "The Golden Era" is to open during the upcoming Chinese national holiday.

Ann Hui brings literature to Venice film festival

[2014-09-18 07:31]

Hong Kong director Ann Hui believes Xiao Hong is more than just an artist.

'The Golden Era' closes Venice Film Festival

[2014-09-07 10:24]

"The Golden Era" directed by Ann Hui was screened as the closing film for the festival.

19th Busan int'l film festival to embrace 'China's moment'

[2014-09-05 09:27]

With the attendance of more than 20 Chinese-language films and dozens of notable Chinese directors, actors and actress, the upcoming 19th Busan International Film Festival(BIFF) will embrace "China's moment".

Movie 'The Golden Era' to be released

[2014-08-22 06:47]

Film "The Golden Era", starring newly-wed Chinese actress Tang Wei, is opening nationwide on October 1.

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