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Agents of law should protect migrant workers

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-08-20 07:43

A MIGRANT WORKER, who requested the wages he hadn't been paid so he could treat his sick father, was rushed to hospital on Tuesday after losing consciousness while gulping down cheap but strong spirit, because his boss promised to give him 20 yuan ($3.3) for each cup he drank. The boss left before the worker lost consciousness, and the worker was taken to hospital by a passer-by. Comments:

The boss is suspected of breaking the law, because he must realize that drinking that much strong spirit might be harmful. What if the worker died on road side? The migrant worker should take the boss to court.

Zhengzhou Evening Newspaper, Aug 19

The migrant worker lacked basic legal awareness, which is why the boss could bully him in such a dangerous way. The government and the police should have helped the worker get his due wages.

Huaxi Metropolis Daily, Aug 19

Few migrant workers resort to the government to ask for their default wages, because the complicated procedure takes a long time and seldom yields results. The problem has existed in China for decades. That the legal interests of migrant workers cannot be protected by the law is a shame on modern society. In a country with rule of law, asking for their wages should not be such a distorted and humiliating torture for workers.

China Youth Daily, Aug 19

The government has a special department to defend the laborers' rights, and some organizations with government backgrounds also have the obligation to help such migrant workers. It is these departments' dereliction of the duties that has forced the worker to humiliate himself and put him in such a dangerous situation. The legal authorities should help the worker, and hold the boss to account., Aug 19

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