Food is where the heart is

By Liu Zhihua ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-01-08 08:28:59

Food is where the heart is

Poon Choi.HK O'Man restaurant's signature dishes include the plain rice with lard, the mixed HK O'Man pig knuckle and poon choi, or basin cuisine, served in large wooden, porcelain or metal basins.[Photo provided to China Daily]

Lam tries his best to source authentic, quality ingredients, which he believes are the foundation of the tastes of his childhood memories. Most of the ingredients come from South China, including Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was once a British colony, and its long history as a center of international commerce has given its cuisine varied roots from both East and West, producing a fusion fare that includes both street food and luxury delicacies, Lam says. Over time, that has distinguished it somewhat from Cantonese food, its traditional basis.

I went to the Wangfujing branch the other day, and had a feast of signature Hong Kong dishes.

Cantonese food is celebrated for soups, and the soups I tried reflected that tradition.

My favorite was the double-boiled pork cartilage soup with black garlic, which gets its dark color from being fermented and gives a special aroma to the soup. It has a soft, sweet bite-a good contrast with the knuckles that are savory and slightly chewy.

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