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PwC predicts change of tune for music, video 2006-06-23
The distribution of music and video in China will see fundamental change in 2007, as selling music and music videos on mobile and Internet networks becomes the norm, according to global consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Telecom regulators must do more 2006-05-12
China Mobile began formally implementing its new pricing initiative in Beijing yesterday, providing lower-price charging packages for local users.

Cheaper mobile charges 2006-05-10
China Mobile, the world's top mobile carrier by subscription, will lower wireless calling charges for both incoming and outgoing calls in Beijing.

Move up the value chain, not down 2005-10-18
In a recent television programme, a top executive of a domestic cellphone maker said that he was confident of beating all foreign competitors in the mainland market.

Online shopping still off agenda 2005-05-10
China, no doubt, is the world's largest e-commerce opportunity, given the dazzling growth of both its Internet population and middle class.

End of the road for China Unicom? 2005-01-19
Speculation is mounting in the nation's telecoms circles that the days of industry giant China Unicom may be numbered.

Expanding telecoms sector remains investors' favourite 2005-01-05
With expected sales of more than 900 billion yuan (US$108.4 billion) last year, China's telecoms industry continued its high-growth momentum and remained a darling for investors both home and abroad.

Firms tap into IPTV business 2005-01-05
China's telecoms companies and broadcasters are gearing up for a battle to tap into IPTV, a new-generation online television service, which could be a potentially lucrative business.

Patience a must for 3G operators 2004-12-02
For those who want to cash in on China's lucrative third generation (3G) of mobile telecommunications, patience seems to be a must.

Tough road ahead for service providers 2004-11-24
China Mobile, the country's largest cellular operator, is pondering even tighter control over Internet-related service providers (SPs).

Reshuffle a prelude to mergers' 2004-11-10
If China's telecommunications market is to establish two to three conglomerates, last week's executive reshuffling among the top four operators could be interpreted as a prelude.

Handset producers at crossroads 2004-09-15
Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are at a crossroads.

Electronics sector watching for overheating 2004-06-21
Electronics companies in Taiwan Province -- those having the lion's share of computer manufacturing on the Chinese mainland -- are taking precautions in case the central government tightens credit further to cool the nation's overheating economy.

China's Internet cafes require heed 2004-05-18
Zhang Xiuqing, the mother of a 16-year-old son, was glad to find that the Internet cafes around the school where her son studies were closed recently.

Internet cafes in need of proper controls 2004-04-15
The loss of two young lives once again ignites intense discussion on how to improve management of commercial cyber bars.

Telecommunications rises above challenges 2003-12-30
While the telecommunications industry has been facing significant challenges over the past three years, its social, political and economic importance to businesses, markets and governments worldwide has continued to advance. To fully appreciate this we need to understand the three significant dynamics at play.

Time to put the consumer first 2003-07-04
The fastest growing market in the world, the domestic telecom sector, is never devoid of drama. The latest episode is the dispute between a top telecommunications academician and a high-ranking China Telecom Group technician on the Little Smart service.

Home-grown telecoms pushed 2003-06-24
The Chinese Government should put more effort into developing the home-grown standard for its third generation (3G) of mobile telecommunications in order to better position itself within the global marketplace, industry experts say.

China Telecom keeps them guessing on 3G 2003-04-01
To choose WCDMA (Wideband CDMA) or TD-SCDMA (Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access), that is the question for China Telecom in carrying out its third generation (3G) of mobile telecommunications business.

PDA market unlikely to bottom out in short term 2003-03-18
China's hand-held computer market continued tumbling in last year's fourth quarter, and analysts have suggested the trend is unlikely to be reversed in the near future.

Mobile war turns wild in China 2002-12-24
Aggressive handset subsidies are ratcheting up the competition in China's mobile market, and that competition could turn ugly in the future, warn analysts.

From 'megaphones' to defenders of enterprises 2002-12-16
China's industrial associations, once dubbed as "government megaphones", have polished their image and worked hard to protect domestic enterprises in the first year of China's membership of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Fusion is future for Net, telecom 2002-11-28
SHANGHAI: The trend towards integration between telecommunications and the Internet is going to change the landscapes of both industries, participants at the just-concluded first Internet Conference of China held in Shanghai said.

New China Telecom offer unlikely to impress; fundamentals unchanged 2002-11-06
China Telecom Corp Ltd's move to attract more institutional investors by slashing its IPO offer size to boost EPS potential is unlikely to impress, as it provides very little in terms of improved valuations compared with its domestic competitors, analysts said.

Looking forward to IT's future 2002-04-26
Editor's Note: The CCID Consulting Co Ltd recently released its Annual Research Report on China's IT Market 2001-2002, which reviews China's information technology market in 2001 and makes predictions for 2002. Last week, Business Weekly presented the second part of the report. Following is the last part. CCID forecasts that China's IT market in 2002 will demonstrate the following trends:

Chinese mobile sales to sputter 2002-04-23
One year after China shone brightly as a beacon of growth amid global cutbacks, mobile equipment makers are bracing for leaner times as network operators in the world's biggest cellular market cut spending.

Phone charge system to remain stable 2002-04-17
The fixed-line telephone fee will remain the same after the launch of two new carriers, while long distance calls may become cheaper, industry experts forecast.

Cash flow dries up in IT sector 2002-04-09
Domestic problems are dragging down China's telecoms market, which may see its growth momentum slow down this year. The major problem is the unstable situation following the break-up of China Telecom into two companies, industry insiders said.

Outlook for Xiaolingtong remains sanguine 2002-04-09
Xiaolingtong, or PAS (personal access system), a citywide wireless communications system, will remain the focus of fixed-line telecoms operators in the coming years, according to industry analysts.

Mobile communication remains biggest money earner in China - expert 2002-04-08
The mobile communication sector is expected to maintain the status as the biggest money-earner across China in the coming ten years, said Wan Mingjian, general manager with the TCL Mobile Communications Co Ltd, stressing that TCL will defeat many foreign handset rivals in three years.

Telecom firms on message 2002-03-25
Massaging services will become the most important form of mobile data communication in the coming few years as other data services like mobile Internet and e-commerce make slow progress, a senior telecommunications expert predicted yesterday.

Phone charging system needs overhaul 2002-01-29
Adjustments to China's fixed-line telephone charges are urgently needed to revitalize the traditional business, according to industry experts.

Issue of mobile licences may take longer time - expert 2002-01-29
China probably will not issue new mobile licences to fixed-line operators in the next two years, according to an AsiaInfo executive.

Xiaolingtong: Air today, gone tomorrow? 2001-11-06
Xiaolingtong, the popular alternative to mobile phones, is seemingly facing a gloomy future under the government's negative attitude towards it.

Telecoms split plan a 'bad call' 2001-10-23
The long-awaited breakup plan of China Telecom, reportedly finalized last week, seems to have disappointed many telecoms analysts and experts who warned that the plan may lead to new monopolies while denting the company's competitiveness. State media reported last week that China Telecom's assets in 10 northern and coastal provinces and cities would merge with China Netcom (CNC).

Home grown 3G age faces tough future 2001-09-11
Domestic telecoms equipment vendor Datang and its German counterpart Siemens have a tough assignment promoting their jointly developed third generation (3G) technology. The technology is badly positioned compared with the other two standards. Both companies have invested billions of yuan in the development of the TD-SCDMA standard.

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