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Higher education needs reform 2006-09-07
As schools open for the new semester and the 20th Teachers' Day arrives in three days, the news media are drumming up a lot more about what's going on in schools nowadays.

Nationwide healthcare2006-09-07
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released a document concerning the country's healthcare development programme on Tuesday.

Stop illegal land transfers2006-09-07
The State Council on Tuesday issued new rules in a new effort to stem illegal land transfers, which are believed to have fuelled the country's runaway investment.

Rural water accessibility2006-09-07
In most of the country's urban areas, the constant availability of clean water is virtually taken for granted, even if its purity is sometimes questioned.

Lamy: China fulfilling WTO commitments well2006-09-06
Pascal Lamy, director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), is on a four-day visit to China that ends on Friday.

Critical postal reform2006-09-06
The splitting of postal regulation from business marks a crucial step of China's postal reform, but it should not be the final one.

Procedural justice2006-09-06
The amended procedural regulations on the handling of administrative cases took effect by the end of last month.

Face the rise of yuan2006-09-06
Chinese textile exporters' wafer-thin profit margin could be further sliced off if the renminbi continues to rise as rapidly as it recently has.

Local gov'ts must stop inflating GDP figures2006-09-05
Gross domestic product (GDP), as an indicator that gauges economic growth, has become the most important focus of concern for the country's economists and government departments.

Address issue of unemployment2006-09-05
Enterprises should actively relocate and absorb redundant employees during their reorganization, says a signed article in China Business Times.

Not only size matters2006-09-05
China's top 500 companies have become impressively large. Altogether these enterprises generated 14.1 trillion yuan (US$1.8 trillion) in revenues, accounting for 77.6 per cent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) last year.

Embrace golden century of peaceful prosperity 2006-09-04
China has been developing and perfecting its international strategies and foreign policies to facilitate its efforts to build socialism with Chinese characteristics and has formed an almost complete system since implementing the policy of reform and opening up to the world.

Don't violate approved plans2006-09-04
Approved urban development plans should be respected, says a signed article in China Youth Daily.

Respect personal privacy 2006-09-04
Nowadays the seemingly omnipresent "electronic eyes" are meant to protect us from hazardous happenings, but we may feel uncomfortable by the idea that we are being secretly watched every day.

Better managing migrants2006-09-04
How many cards does a Chinese citizen need to verify their identity in their own land?

Redistribute income fairly2006-09-01
The income distribution system should be further reformed to prevent employees of monopoly enterprises from enjoying unreasonably higher incomes than their counterparts in other sectors, says a signed article in China Youth Daily.

Investment efficiency is key to sustainable growth 2006-09-01
Macroeconomic figures for the first half of this year show that controlling runaway investment has become an urgent task for policy-makers.

Let kids enjoy holidays2006-09-01
With school starting today - except in Southwest China's Chongqing, where scorching heat has delayed school until September 5 - parents are shoving their children back through the school gates.

Irreducible drug prices2006-09-01
Like a modern Sisyphus, China's pricing authorities have been making unremitting efforts to cut down medicine prices.

Wage hike a positive step for migrants2006-09-01
With the latest round of wage hikes in Guangdong, it seems to be payback time for the 23 million migrant workers who have toiled for decades to earn the province the sobriquet of "the world's factory."

Interest rate rise won't push up RMB's value 2006-08-31
The People's Bank of China's interest-rate hike, which took effect on August 19, has not produced a big bang as the one in October 2004 did.

Straighten out student loans2006-08-31
Guarantees from both local and central governments are important to the healthy operation of student loan system, says a signed article in Yanzhao Metropolis Daily.

Efficiency of water treatment2006-08-31
More effort should be made by the government to improve efficiency in sewage treatment and water use, says a signed article in Beijing News.

Managing mails better2006-08-31
Letters are supposed to be sent to the recipients, not to salvage stations. And yet, about 10,000 letters and other mails have been found in a Beijing salvage centre.

'Efficiency' made at cost of workers' interests2006-08-30
A high-level official of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) explained why the robust growth of China's economy has not brought along a corresponding growth in employment during an interview with the Xinhua News Agency on Monday.

Higher wage does no harm 2006-08-30
Increasing the minimum wage will not affect China's competitiveness, says a signed article in Beijing News.

Consistency in policies2006-08-30
A law prohibits the collection of a fee, but the levy continues in reality. It sounds absurd, at least.

Law amendment a must2006-08-30
An official from the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) called last week for amending the current Environmental Protection Law.

Unhelpful naming game2006-08-30
The National Bureau of Statistics recently insisted that house prices will not be included in the calculation of the consumer price index (CPI) which, as many suspect, has thus been underestimated.

Drug producers profit most from AIDS fight2006-08-29
It is certain that humankind has not yet won the 25-year battle against HIV/AIDS.

Social security skimming2006-08-29
The central government has sent a team of more than 100 to probe into misappropriation from the social security fund in Shanghai.

A welcome legislation2006-08-29
The adoption of an all-inclusive bankruptcy law is of great and far-reaching significance to the establishment and development of China's market economy.

Home-buyers fall into traps of developers2006-08-29
Hong Kongers take pride in being cool-headed, savvy consumers. But when it comes to buying their homes, the most important purchase a consumer is likely to make in his lifetime, caution and decorum are often thrown to the winds.

Wasteful loans a catalyst for rampant lending craze2006-08-28
More truth has been revealed about attempts by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region officials to build unlicensed power plants.

Punish the polluters2006-08-28
A weekend report to the National People's Congress (NPC) on how the environmental protection law has been enforced nationwide gives a pessimistic picture about the fulfilment of quotas on the discharge of pollutants and the efficient use of energy resources.

Creating a clever country 2006-08-28
As China vows to build itself into an innovator-friendly country, it is no surprise that domestic cities have been busy with championing the creative industries.

Technological breakthrough may reduce oil use 2006-08-25
A groundbreaking experiment is expected to help China cut down on energy consumption and reduce its reliance on oil.

Tuition becomes parents' burden 2006-08-25
Parents' sleeping in the open reminds us to reflect on the high cost of schooling, says a signed article in Beijing Youth Daily.

Private schools may provide an alternative2006-08-25
Private tutorial schools are illegal under the country's Compulsory Education Law, as an official from the Ministry of Education was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

Be realistic about plan2006-08-25
Recent years have seen much discussion about greater economic integration in East Asia.

China, US benefit from friendly trade relations2006-08-25
Chinese and US economies bring benefits to each other despite the challenges they face.

Many share responsibility for farmers' melon losses2006-08-24
Five weeks ago, a local Guangzhou newspaper suggested that some watermelons in the city's market might have been contaminated with injections of "hongyaoshui," which literally means "red medicinal water."

Careful urban planning2006-08-24
The pace of urbanization will accelerate further, as the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-10) aims to raise the country's urbanization rate from the present 37 per cent to 45 per cent by the year 2010.

Ministry's inaction2006-08-24
Beijing's local court ruled that the notorious National Committee for Oral Health (NCOH) violated the law by issuing unauthorized certifications and suggested to the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China and the Ministry of Health (MOH), the committee's organizer, that it be shut down and fined up to 500,000 yuan (US$62,500).

Prudent growth measures2006-08-24
Chinese enterprises' soaring profits not only warrant a market-oriented investment boom but also justify the country's recent tightening measures.

Interest rate hike a plus, but more should follow2006-08-23
The People's Bank of China has decided to revise upward the bank interest rate, effective August 19.

Cure for loan defaulters2006-08-23
Twenty people in Hangzhou, all defaulting businesspeople and professionals, were made famous recently in a way few of them would have preferred.

Add project transparency 2006-08-23
The Beijing municipal government's decision to publish information about key projects it finances is an inspiring step towards transparency.

Don't go soft on offenders who profit from crime2006-08-23
When I read the news on the front page of yesterday's China Daily about the punishment of a company for sending massive amounts of junk mail

A positive new law, but more should be done2006-08-22
Against the backdrop of recent controversial mergers, the Ministry of Commerce has released a provisional rule on foreign investors' takeover of domestic enterprises, marking the authorities' efforts to better regulate such acquisitions.

Do not leave migrants out2006-08-22
It is a responsibility of the government to prevent the marginalization of migrant workers, says a signed article in Guangzhou Daily.

Champions from China2006-08-22
China's rise as a world economic power is largely powered by the emergence of Chinese champion enterprises.

The rightful criteria for a good company2006-08-22
Ask a mainland business leader what his biggest ambition is, and he is likely to say, at least in public, that he wants his company to make it into one of those world-wide corporate ranking lists.

Big-ticket bankers need better eye for the details2006-08-21
China's economy saw two significant symbols of change last week.

Boosting drug supervision 2006-08-21
Supervision is important to guarantee drug quality and drug administrators should not fail in their duties, says a signed article in Shanghai Securities News.

The end of IPO bonanza2006-08-21
With Air China's A-shares opening lower than their issue price last Friday, domestic investors' insatiable appetite for new shares had seemingly reached its limit, at least, for the moment.

Rate rise warranted2006-08-21
Just four days after introducing a measure to curb lending growth, the central bank took another bold step.

Giving privileges to rich people hurts social justice2006-08-21
A number of new events are worth our attention.

Seek fair redistribution means for social wealth2006-08-18
Reforms now afoot in the distribution system will mean a more expansive social security umbrella, stronger curbs on the development of monopolies

Care for mental health2006-08-18
Beijing finished drafting its first ever set of rules on mental health earlier this month.

Curb reckless investment 2006-08-18
The unusual tone of the State Council in issuing its punishment for several senior Inner Mongolian officials signals the central government's unbending determination to crack down on unauthorized investment.

Nation's opening up is continuing despite rules 2006-08-17
Recently, this author has been asked frequently by overseas media and businesspeople whether the policy of reform and opening up is being reversed and the country's doors being slammed shut to the rest of the world

Tightening drug control 2006-08-17
The State Council has finally decided to launch a year-long campaign to crack down upon fake and poor quality drugs and introduce order to the drug market

More water-saving steps2006-08-17
The heat wave that has been hanging over Southwest China's Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality for a month has inflicted severe drought on this traditionally wet area, through which numerous rivers flow.

Care needed for reform2006-08-17
The sooner an effective incentive mechanism is brought into place, the faster China's State-owned enterprises (SOEs) will press ahead with their market-oriented transformation.

Hold polluters to account2006-08-16
Each time a grim picture is drawn about the country's increasing pollution, the public will be shocked to further sharpen their awareness of environmental protection.

Make travel easier for the majority of the people 2006-08-16
Ease of travel should enjoy priority in urban road use, according to a signed article in Dazhong Daily.

Another tightening signal2006-08-15
Plenty of liquidity will surely help cushion most Chinese banks against the impact of the reserve ratio hike today.

Implement new law to the letter 2006-08-15
A government plan on energy conservation and pollution control should be strictly implemented, says a signed article in Jiefang Daily.

Use layers for housing system2006-08-15
A multi-layered housing security system should be established in China, says a signed article in Oriental Morning Post.

Children need creativity and fun in TV cartoons2006-08-15
Chinese children seem to be in more need of good cartoons than their peers in many other countries.

New governing ideal2006-08-15
New regulations for the resettlement and compensation of residents displaced because of the construction of hydropower and irrigation projects will take effect on September 1.

IPO quality not quantity 2006-08-14
More blue chips are definitely needed to both help stabilize the Chinese stock market and accelerate its expansion.

Challenge of cheap tickets 2006-08-14
It is both an opportunity and a test for Beijing to implement a low-price ticket policy in the Olympic Games, says a signed article in Beijing News.

Bold plan needs check-up2006-08-14
Beijing municipal government issued a document last week saying that a move will be accelerated to turn B and C-level hospitals into community health centres by 2008.

Protecting the environment begins at home2006-08-11
Hong Kong undoubtedly is one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Punish misuse of gov't money2006-08-11
Responsible officials should be punished to prevent the misuse of public money, says an article in Market News.

The seesaw of house prices2006-08-11
The central government has so far taken ample steps to cool China's property market. But as cities take turns leading the increase of house prices, policy-makers should not just wait for new tightening policies to take effect.

New rules add clarity 2006-08-11
Six government departments jointly published a much-anticipated set of rules on foreign investors' takeover of Chinese enterprises earlier this week.

China, Japan should seek stronger trade ties2006-08-10
The relationship between China and Japan exercises a profound influence on the present and future of Asia and has worldwide impact as well, apart from being vitally important to the two countries themselves.

Stop random collection of education fees 2006-08-10
The random charging of fees in the educational sector tests the authorities' working abilities, according to an article in Southern Daily.

Mind disposal of e-waste2006-08-10
In the galloping information age, used electronic products are more and more likely to be thrown away as new, state-of-the-art models crop up.

Making a dynamic north2006-08-10
Tianjin, a megacity that has long been overshadowed by neighbouring Beijing, has finally burst into the spotlight this year.

Unions a good first step2006-08-10
Wal-Mart's agreement to drop its worldwide rejection of unions in all of its Chinese outlets undoubtedly gives the country's union leaders a much-needed shot in the arm.

Officials have responsibility to provide aid2006-08-10
Wang Yi has struggled to improve the New Century School for children of migrant workers ever since he founded it in 1999.

Realizing the dream2006-08-09
The rapid rise of the futuristic "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube," two major Olympic venues in the northern part of Beijing, exemplifies how fast the host city has been progressing on its preparation work.

Timely information release on drug problems 2006-08-09
Information concerning adverse reactions to drugs should be disclosed in time to benefit the public, according to an article in Beijing News.

Get local statistics right2006-08-09
A country's economic growth is supposedly, and rightly, the sum of those of all its regions. But sometimes things are not so simple.

Homeowners must fulfil obligations 2006-08-08
In the course of editing a four-part property series last month, I was shocked to read how recklessly mainland homebuyers, especially those in Shanghai, could talk about their mortgage commitments.

Let the market decide 2006-08-08
The retirement of a government-backed conglomerate's chairman has triggered a chain reaction in the banking sector.

Building a mega growth alliance in central China2006-08-07
Wedged between the economically prosperous eastern and southern coastal areas and the relatively backward west

Problems in macro-economy 2006-08-07
Reflection on our economic development strategy is needed for the country's steady and healthy growth, says a signed article in the Oriental Morning Post.

Resolve wage defaults through legislation 2006-08-07
Institutional construction is important to prevent new wage defaults, commented an article in Workers' Daily.

Keep the green alert on 2006-08-07
The State Environment Protection Administration (SEPA) recently published a harshly-worded article underscoring the growing tensions between the country's rapid economic growth and its environmental protection.

A co-operative move2006-08-07
Co-operation and co-ordination among the three northeastern provinces in formulating rules and regulations have started in earnest.

Better tap foreign funds2006-08-07
As a developing country that has benefited hugely by opening-up to the outside world over the past quarter of a century

Higher interest rates not the only option 2006-08-04
Many economists and financial market players wrongly blame the relatively fixed RMB exchange rate for China's "runaway" economic growth and for attracting "hot money" in anticipation of what they think is inevitable RMB appreciation.

Bigger safety deposit needed 2006-08-04
Coal-mine owners and local officials responsible for workplace accidents deserve swift and harsh punishment, but only long-term preventative mechanisms will truly check the rising death toll.

Put advertising in order2006-08-04
Television and radio commercials for five different categories of products were banned across China on Tuesday.

Rely on market measures 2006-08-04
A new administrative drive to tame run-away investment growth is under way.

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