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Nationwide healthcare 2006-09-07
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released a document concerning the country's healthcare development programme on Tuesday.

Migration matters 2006-06-09
Labour mobility is one of the engines that drive globalization. And the Chinese are the largest group of people on the move.

Residence rules to be further relaxed 2005-10-27
Deputy Minister of Public Security Liu Jinguo has disclosed that the country is to further loosen restrictions on the change of registered permanent residence from rural areas to medium-sized and large cities.

House market needs regulation 2005-03-31
It is time for the government to intervene in the redhot housing market, otherwise it runs the risk of spiralling out of control.

Progress made in laws protecting minors 2004-12-02
The Shanghai Municipal People's Congress passed a regulation to protect interests of minors on Thursday, which will be effective from March 1.

Assessing status of nation's health 2004-10-12
Chinese people are advised that the way to a healthy lifestyle is eating less fat and more cereals, exercising more, smoking less and cutting down on liquor, according to an official survey.

Revamping population policy 2004-08-03
The Chinese Government must revise the country's long-standing population policy, even though the so-called "one-child policy" has benefited the nation's economic growth over the past 30 years.

Controversy over ID cards for children 2004-06-01
Chinese infants are now entitled to identity (ID) cards that they previously could not get until turning 18.

Global effort to eliminate poverty 2004-05-26
As the Global Conference on Scaling Up Poverty Reduction opens its two-day session today in Shanghai, the gnawing issue of poverty is once again drawing worldwide attention.

China can lead new fight in war on AIDS 2004-05-18
China's leaders have made significant strides in publicizing official HIV/AIDS policy in recent months.

China gets old before getting rich 2004-05-13
China has become an aging country well before it has become affluent, creating great pressure for the country's policy-makers as well as society, officials said Wednesday.

Reining in real estate boom 2004-05-12
After official statistics from the first quarter were released, the debate on whether or not China's economy is overheated was silenced.

Jump in housing prices induces overheating worries 2004-04-21
Housing prices in the Chinese economic hub of Shanghai have achieved a year-on-year increase of nearly 30 per cent during the first quarter this year, the fastest growth among 35 major cities.

Critics contend scrapping of examinations premature 2004-04-08
Most Chinese praise the government's move to scrap compulsory pre-marital physical examinations.

Curbing AIDS 'critical to nation' 2004-04-08
Vice-Premier Wu Yi called yesterday for national efforts to combat the rapidly increasing spread of HIV/AIDS in China.

Take gender preference out of family planning 2004-03-11
Gender equality in China continues to be a nagging problem.

Population must be matched by resources 2004-02-10
The State Family Planning and Population Commission has reportedly decided to focus its research programmes on seven fields: quantitative trends in the national populace, population quality, aging, gender ratio, mobility and employment, population and environmental sustainability, and population safety and health.

Migrant population deserves better 2003-11-18
The debate over whether to scrap the temporary residence registration scheme is becoming increasingly heated.

Balance needed in family planning 2003-11-07
Since China's Population and Family Planning Law was promul-gated last year, localities have been active in amending their decade-old provisions in line with the law. There are some subtle changes after these revisions.

China makes remarkable progress in reducing poor population 2003-10-21
China has made remarkable progress in reducing the number of people living in poverty in two decades, Chinese President Hu Jintao said on Tuesday.

Prompt change to rule guards people's rights 2003-06-21
The much-criticized system of sending beggars and vagrants back to their home provinces is coming to an end, thanks to the government's response to public questioning.

Epidemic slashes jobs 2003-06-11
The SARS epidemic will not affect China's economic growth in the long run. But its job market will be hardest hit.

Informed choice 2003-04-02
The couple decided to begin using contraception when their daughter, their only child so far, was born six years ago.

Volunteer deaths spark heated debate 2002-12-05
Setting aside their grief following the deaths of their colleagues in Hoh Xil, home to the endangered Tibetan antelope, Chinese volunteers determined to continue their invaluable work.

More care, respect for people with HIV/AIDS 2002-11-30
It started as a mysterious infection among a small number of people, but HIV/AIDS has exploded into the worst epidemic humanity has ever faced in just over two decades.

Population work sees progress 2002-07-15
The good news from the 13th World Population Day on Thursday is that China now begins to rank among countries with a low birth rate, low mortality and low population growth.

Family planning policy helps reduce poverty 2002-07-12
Nearly 220 million Chinese have shaken off poverty during the past 20 years, thanks to the country's family planning policy.

China talks about sex, health, life 2002-07-12
China has made progress in improving citizens' health and reducing poverty, a top family planning official said yesterday.

Migrant children given easier access to education 2002-07-10
The Chinese government has begun to implement a series of measures to provide education for its 3 million migrant children who accompany their rural parents to cities in search of a better life.

Residence cards for migrants 2002-06-28
The first group of 60 people from outside the city were granted Shanghai residence cards on June 16, enabling them to enjoy the same privileges as locals.

New residency policy to treat outsiders warily 2002-04-12
A metropolis is usually synonymous with fashion trends, open minds, modern lifestyles and opportunities for wealth. Shanghai undoubtedly has embraced all these concepts, but the glamour has also made the city the premier destination of provincial migrants.

Urban needy -- new concern of Chinese government 2002-03-11
The total number of the urban needy in China, reportedly about 30 million, coincides with that of the remaining poor population in rural areas. The urban needy mainly refers to the laid-off workers and the jobless. An increasing impoverished urban population might pose a more serious potential threat to social stability, a more thorny issue that calls for more painstaking efforts to deal with properly.

Improving the mobility of labour in China 2001-07-03
If employers were to abide by the strict regulations set out by the government regarding the location of employment, then labour mobility would not exist.

Population policy in new century 2000-12-20
The Information Office of the State Council yesterday published a white paper entitled "China's Population and Development in the 21st Century."

Population must be a concern in go-west campaign 2000-12-14
The development programme for the western region is a long-term strategic undertaking aimed at speeding up economic growth in that area, improving the natural environment and promoting China's economic development in general.

Population control helps development 2000-09-08
Effective control of population growth is essential for the develop-the-west campaign in China, said an article in People's Daily.

Urbanization benefits China's economy 2000-08-09
China is facing many formidable tasks as it modernizes. Urbanization, especially the growth of large-and medium-sized cities, is a major concern.

Low birthrate crucial 2000-05-31
Maintaining a low birthrate is a critical step for sustainable development. But it demands the support of the legal system and the establishment of a comprehensive social welfare system, said an article in the weekly magazine Outlook.

Family planning workers asked to do better 2000-05-30
As one of China's largest non-governmental organizations, the China Family Planning Association (CFPA) should work harder in the country's family planning and reproductive health service, a top official said yesterday.

New population design crucial 2000-05-20
The world's most populous country has good reason to feel proud of its contribution to reducing the population pressure on the world, thanks to its painstaking family planning efforts and the full support of its citizens.

Pension problem shadows nation 2000-04-08
China will likely confront a huge shortfall in pension funds that could undermine its pension system when its elderly population is expected to peak in 30 years.

Speaker: Keep birth rate low for good life 2000-03-20
Even though China's birth rate has been cut significantly, controlling population growth is still the fundamental solution to China's worsening size problem, a demographer said during a recent symposium.

Migrants help, so help migrants 2000-02-11
China needs to manage its transient population better as more and more people migrate around the country and current management appear inefficient.

Reform of residence system needed 2000-01-22
With an increasingly developed market-oriented economy and the accelerated urbanization process, the reform of the household gistration system, which restricts the free flow of residents, resources, and capital, seems inevitable.

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