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Hong Kong must focus on private sector 2006-04-18
Many politicians in Hong Kong have seized the opportunity presented by public debate about government expenditure in Hong Kong, especially the growing cost of medical services, to win recognition and support.

Private sector requires incentives to lead R&D 2006-01-19
So why are Chinese enterprises reluctant to concentrate on research and development (R&D)?

Gov't should not intervene in private businesses 2005-12-20
Encouraging small to medium-sized companies in the private sector to help create new jobs has become a hot economic topic in China. Many of the discussions tend to focus on tax incentives, preferential loans, special land grants and other government largesse.

Paving way for private biz going into military 2005-06-07
With the go-ahead from regulators, China's private businesses are making inroads into one of the last "bridgeheads" of State monopoly developing weapons for national defence.

More support needed for private economy 2004-08-12
As China's economy is slowing down to catch its breath, the latest round of investment-mechanism reforms is creating an equal footing -- which is badly needed -- for the country's privately owned businesses.

Private participation encouraged on SOE reform 2004-03-29
Private enterprises are qualified to take part in the reform of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) in various ways and several factors are needed to escort such participation.

Financial help vital for private businesses 2004-03-15
China's top legislators and advisers are calling for the government to beef up efforts to solve funding difficulties that affect the further expansion of private businesses, mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Bigger role for private sectors 2004-02-17
China's economic growth will continue to be powered by strong investments in the coming 20 years, but the sole government-funded investment model needs to be replaced by a more healthy incentive from private sectors.

Lending rate change to spur private sector 2003-12-16
China's decision to ease credit regulations is being widely perceived as a major step towards the creation of a capital environment capable of spurring investments in the nation's fund-strapped private sector.

Protect citizens' rights 2003-10-24
Property rights is still an unfamiliar term to many Chinese who used to live in a rigid planned economic system and have little private wealth.

Door to oil sector opens slightly 2003-10-23
The government's recent move to allow private firms to act as wholesale marketers of refined oil products will not particularly rock the sector which is still largely dominated by the largest two oil firms in China, experts and traders say.

Private funds go to public facilities 2003-08-15
Introducing private capital into the development of infrastructure facilities is a change in government policy, said an article in the Legal Daily.

Companies urged to allow trade unions 2003-08-14
The All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) yesterday urged private and foreign companies to allow the establishment of trade unions in order to safeguard the legal rights of their employees.

Avoid risks properlyChinese banks are showing a tendency to shun away from the private sector in an overreaction to the recent fall of several Shanghai tycoons, commented an article in the China Business Times, an excerpt from which follows.

China's domestic private capital drives economy 2003-06-13
A huge construction project on China's Hangzhou Bay bridge in east China has utilized domestic private capital for the first time, accounting for over half of its total investment.

Broader fund access for private firms 2003-05-06
China's stock market, which has long been dominated by listings of State-owned enterprises, will open wider to fund-thirsty private firms seeking capital.

Easier financing demanded for smaller enterprises in China 2003-04-16
The problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in borrowing from banks and raising funds directly from the capital market is a serious problem in China, which is undergoing an economic restructuring and striving to expand small businesses and the non-State sector.

Bigger say for non-State sector 2003-03-03
Private entrepreneurs are gaining a greater presence in the nation's newly elected top legislative body and its top political advisory body, a sign of their increased political participation.

Boom predicted for private firms 2003-02-25
The nation's private sector is set for double-digit growth over the next five years as companies shift to tap the market potential of the underdeveloped western regions, a key national survey has found.

China's private capital to boom 2003-02-24
From buying airports to running banks and investing in public infrastructure, China's domestic private investment in the first weeks of 2003 has made a series of "breakthroughs" in finance, civil aviation and urban utility construction spheres that used to be strictly off-limits.

List more non-State firms 2003-01-24
China's stock market cannot serve as an economic barometer unless more non-State companies are listed, an article in China Business said.

Private matters 2003-01-20
Guangdong's private sector is finally emerging from the shadow of State-owned enterprises as the province's leaders promise better treatment, writes China Daily senior writer RAYMOND ZHOU.

Private sector wants role in credit system 2002-11-29
In establishing a much-needed national credit-information system, the Chinese government is wavering on the issue of private sector participation.

Non-public sector gains confidence 2002-11-22
The 16th Party congress, which concluded last week, gave private-enterprise owners a shot of encouragement to expand their businesses, according to Miao Liansheng, president of the Yingli New Resources Co Ltd.

Franchise business stirs private money 2002-07-08
A prospering franchise is an effective way to stimulate China's inadequate private investment, experts agree.

Opinion: SME law helps unemployment 2002-07-05
Little publicity has been given on the newly endorsed law on the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but the significance of this legislation is unmistakable and lasting.

Paving the way for private capital 2002-07-05
China's gross domestic product (GDP) maintained strong growth momentum in the first five months of this year thanks to increased investment, including government investment and foreign investment. Experts predict a 12 per cent increase for the whole year, higher than last year.

Private enterprises benefit from import-export trade 2002-06-24
Private enterprises have become the mainstay of the foreign trade market as the restrictions imposed on their imports and exports are lifted.

CPPCC vice-chairman urges more investment from private sector 2002-06-13
China should encourage investment from the domestic private sector as well as from overseas, Jing Shuping, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), said Thursday.

Int'l financiers eye China's private venture capitals 2002-05-26
Private venture capitals (VCs) will play an increasingly important role in China's promising capital market, according to professionals from venture capital circles ofthe United States.

China in urgent need of a social credit system 2002-04-23
China should speed up the establishment of a nationwide social credit system to regulate market order and improve the development environment for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), officials and experts said on Monday.

Credit key to expansion - paper 2002-04-16
An expansionary monetary policy will help ease deflationary pressure on the national economy, and the central bank should expand credit by discounting on enterprise commercial papers and stimulate domestic demand, Wang Songqi, a researcher with the Financial Research Center under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, wrote in the China Economic Times.

Private funds need market access 2002-04-11
Wider market access is essential to activate the huge sum of idle private capital in China, according to experts seeking to cure the economic headache.

Private business becomes impetus to Chinese economy - ADB 2002-04-10
Private business has become an important impetus to economic development in China, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Industrial associations should play bigger role 2002-04-05
Industrial associations in China are not performing their proper functions due to loopholes in rules and regulations. Measures should be taken to allow industrial associations to play a bigger role in the national economy, said an article in the Legal Daily.

Private firms benefit from WTO 2002-03-26
Private companies in China are facing enormous development opportunities now that China has become a member of the World Trade Organization.

China needs more private investment 2002-03-18
A prominent businessman and legislator urged Chinese companies and individuals to use private capital to invest in the national economy.

Non-state sector faces new growth chances in China 2002-03-13
Following the country's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the non-state sector of the economy in China is facing more opportunities for development as the government has promised to open up important markets like telecommunications, retail business and banking to both foreign and private investment, said deputies to the National People's Congress attending the current session of the legislature.

Experts call for more VC input from private sector 2002-01-04
Chinese experts have called for more venture capital (VC) investment from the private sector to speed up the transformation of new technologies into products.

Private companies need venture capital 2000-05-02
Venture capital might give vital support to China's private enterprises, which have been long troubled with fund-raising difficulties, investment bankers say.

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