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Many share responsibility for farmers' melon losses 2006-08-24
Five weeks ago, a local Guangzhou newspaper suggested that some watermelons in the city's market might have been contaminated with injections of "hongyaoshui," which literally means "red medicinal water."

Simple not always best 2006-07-31
Farmers selling their products have been fighting guerrilla warfare with urban environmental management officers for many years in many cities.

Stop illegal requisitions 2006-07-25
About 15 million farmers are set to lose their farmland in the coming five years as a result of urbanization and land requisitions

Bitter taste of chemicals 2006-07-06
When American scholar Lester Brown questioned China's food security, he was asking whether this country's agriculture could yield enough to fill the one-billion-plus stomachs.

Land deals unreasonable 2006-06-23
Cases involving the illegal seizure of farmland have something to do with the requisitioning of land by government from farmers for non-agricultural use.

Weather trading on cards to help farmers 2006-05-25
China's Dalian Commodity Exchange hopes to set up weather futures in order to give agricultural businesses a better idea of how best to operate.

Time to kick nation's smoking addiction 2006-04-29
China is the largest consumer and producer of tobacco in the world. The 350 million who light up in China account for 32 per cent of the world's total, while China's output of 2 trillion cigarettes a year makes up 42 per cent of global production.

Protect rights of migrant workers 2006-04-26
Labour unions can do more to protect the interests of migrant workers, says a signed article in Beijing Youth Daily. An excerpt follows:

Nations must rally to combat avian flu 2006-01-18
The second international conference on fighting the lethal H5N1 strain of avian influenza held within a week opened yesterday in Beijing.

Farming areas still need help 2006-01-05
The abrogation of agricultural tax will put the adjustment of public policies to the test, says an article in Beijing Youth Daily. An excerpt follows:

Public must have say in GMO rice debate 2005-11-24
With its immense influence on the final approval by the Ministry of Agriculture of commercializing genetically modified (GMO) rice, the ongoing three-day meeting of the State Agricultural GMO Crop Biosafety Committee which began yesterday in Beijing deserves attention.

Law aims to keep unsafe food off the table 2005-10-25
The alarming number of cases of contaminated farm produce in markets have prodded Chinese legislators to draft a law improving the quality and safety of agricultural products.

Farmers need to go high-tech 2005-06-09
Agricultural science and technology should play a bigger role in increasing farmers' incomes.

Ensuring grain security by setting up 'land bank' 2005-05-17
Setting up a "land bank" may contribute to securing China's grain production.
As a country with a 1.3 billion population, grain security is of paramount importance to China. That is why it is always top of the government's agenda.

Safety fears over GM rice warrant caution 2005-04-15
Greenpeace China announced on Wednesday that genetically modified rice "appears to have been planted and sold illegally in China for the last two years" according to its findings in central China's Hubei Province.

Fertilizer too expensive 2005-03-23
The improper price hikes of farming materials should be curbed to protect farmers' enthusiasm of planting, says an article in the Jinan-based Dazhong Daily. An excerpt follows:

Grain self-sufficiency still key for nation 2005-03-08
China has enough grain reserves to cover its immediate needs, but the future does not look bright in the long run, national advisers said yesterday.

Protecting farmers' interests 2005-02-24
More effort should be made to stabilize grain prices and further increase farmers' incomes this year. And a long-term mechanism is needed to better protect farmers' interests and rights.

Agricultural sector facing pressure 2004-12-15
Company executives and experts say China's agricultural sector will face more pressure in the future, as the sector opens wider to the outside world under the World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments.

People must not be guinea pigs in GM rice 2004-12-13
Last Thursday, the Nanfang Weekend reported that authorities are still mulling over a decision about whether to commercialize genetically modified rice in China.

Maintaining grain safety 2004-12-02
China is a country of both high grain production and consumption. Ensuring the sustainable growth of grain production is not only important to its economic development and social stability, but also to alleviating the pressure of the worldwide grain supply.

Low yields pose danger 2004-10-26
China could soon experience a grain shortage, prompting fears about the supply of the country's staple food, rice, says an article in Beijing Review. An excerpt follows:

Agro trade deficit implies food crisis? 2004-09-07
Growth in food imports is a long-term trend in China as the nation further integrates itself into global trade and becomes wealthier, experts said last week.

Gov't needs to tackle major issues in rural tax reform 2004-07-12
The abolition of the agricultural tax, tax on special agricultural produce and tax on slaughtering animals is an important measure taken by the central government to promote agriculture and rural areas' development and increase farmers' income.

Food safety a gov't job 2004-07-06
Governments at all levels are responsible for guaranteeing the food safety for citizens, said an article in Beijing News. An excerpt follows:

Recalculate grain supply equation 2004-06-16
China needs to review its current grain demand and supply equilibrium, which has been overestimated in recent years because of an obsolete method of calculation.

Smoother fund distribution 2004-05-20
More investment, a reduction of intermediate links, as well as fiscal allocation reform, are vital to the future of agriculture and farmers in rural China, according to an article in the Beijing-based Outlook Weekly magazine. An excerpt follows:

Capital and labour rule economy 2004-05-20
The distribution of capital and labour forces, as well as the market system, often plays a decisive role in the country's economy. Study of these factors is therefore key to understanding regional economic disparities.

Tackling land abuse problem 2004-04-16
The central government is coming to grips with excessive land use and runaway industries such as steel, cement and electrolytic aluminium, as worried scholars and regulatory agencies have warned of the symptoms of unbridled economic growth.

China should plant more potatoes, experts say 2004-03-29
China should plant more potatoes to increase agricultural output, ensure food security and increase farmers' income, say experts attending the ongoing Fifth International Potato Conference, which opened Friday in Kunming, capital of the southwest China province of Yunnan.

Farmers' interests concern China's development 2004-03-22
Growing income gap between rural and urban residents is affecting China's development, said Chen Xiwen, deputy director of the Office of Central Financial Work Leading Group, who is also an expert on farmers' issues.

Sweet sweat of making sugar 2004-03-16
Although he is soaked in sweat, Zeng Jurong cannot stop stirring the liquid in the big cauldron. It is 9 o'clock in the morning, but Zeng has already been at work for seven hours. He will be busy the whole day, to complete his job only when he has extracted the juice from 5,000 kilograms of sugar cane and made it into 500 kilograms of unrefined brown sugar.

Agriculture issues top motions put forth 2004-03-12
An ancient and valuable species of tree has sprouted in the current session of the National People's Congress.

Cuts in agricultural tax good for entire country 2004-03-09
In delivering his government work report on Friday, Premier Wen Jiabao received the loudest and longest-lasting applause when he announced that from this year on, the agricultural tax rate will be reduced by more than one percentage point annually, and the tax will be rescinded in five years.

Wen's report in sync with people's concerns 2004-03-08
The Chinese Government will strive  "for a steady and comparatively fast growth of the economy while preventing sharp rises and falls by protecting people's zeal for a faster development and guiding such a zeal in the right direction."

Gov't subsidy a must for ag insurance 2004-03-01
The future of millions of local farmers will hopefully no longer rest with the weather or be severely impacted on by disasters like floods or pests, as China will launch its first special agricultural insurance company in Shanghai this year.

Blueprint for spurring rural income growth 2004-02-19
On February 8, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council issued a document for solving the chronic problem of slow income growth for rural people.

Basic restructuring of agriculture necessary 2004-02-17
The nation's agricultural sector must undergo some basic restructuring, even though the central government has done much in recent years to lift hundreds of millions of farmers out of poverty.

Confidence the key in fight against bird flu 2004-02-09
As the highly contagious bird flu virus spreads across Asia, the affliction has become embedded in the popular lexicon through media reports and ordinary conversation.

Chickening out on bird-flu fears 2004-02-04
Over the past year, animal-and-bird-linked scares have made even some devout carnivores question their eating habits.

Bird flu awakens world 2004-02-03
Animals and birds have long been our friends, foes or food.
They became ill and the viruses and bacteria they carry can also infect human beings and endanger our lives.

China's way is food for thought 2004-01-12
The rest of the world has much to learn from China.
In the 20th century the most populous nation on our planet suffered invasions, internal upheaval and hunger as traumatic and destructive as any in history. Today it is hugely influential politically and economically in the world, confident and dynamic.

China's grain price increase unlikely to affect world market 2003-11-20
Chinese agricultural analyst He Kaiyin told Xinhua Thursday that the recent grain price hike in China was unlikely to substantially affect the world market.

Land reform for efficiency 2003-11-18
Both land reform and government support are crucial if China's farmers are going to escape poverty -- permanently.

CPI rise cause for modest optimism 2003-11-17
Higher food prices are not a cause for panic; on the contrary, they may be a boon for the Chinese economy today.

Price hike for grain reflects market 2003-11-05
The current price hikes in grain and cooking oils in the national market are nothing but a normal recovery of their value from chronically low levels, experts have said.

Chinese women take dominant role in agriculture 2003-09-16
Chinese women are now the main power in agricultural production, according to the State Development and Reform Commission (SDRC) on Tuesday.

Farmers need policies to protect their future 2003-09-10
A social security system is urgently needed in rural China so that farmers can take care of their basic needs in life.

Farmers learn, earn from nature 2003-09-08
YINCHUAN: The successful business story of Li Wenfa has helped persuade skeptical farmers to return their cultivated farmlands back into grassy pastures in this Muslim-dominated region suffering from severe soil erosion.

Tax abolition to benefit rural areas 2003-09-05
The government plan to abolish the tax on so-called special agricultural produce (farm produce other than grains) next year is encouraging news for the vast rural population.

Technology to help revitalize farming 2003-08-18
High-yield technology will be spread further among China's farmers to improve the production and quality of wheat, maize, rice, potatoes and oil-bearing crops, a Ministry of Science and Technology official said.

Minister stresses farm aid 2003-08-11
All of the work in China's agricultural sector must boil down to reversing the downturn in the growth of farmers' incomes, Minister of Agriculture Du Qinglin said at the weekend in Beijing.

Fattening farmers' pockets 2003-08-11
A high-profile call to raise farmers' income at the national conference on agriculture over the weekend underscored not only the gravity of the issue but also the urgent need to address it.

New scheme to evaluate farm agencies 2003-08-08
Agencies that teach farmers new skills and help them tap market demand will have their credentials evaluated for the first time under proposed reforms.

Food market clean up 2003-07-31
The Food and Drug Administration announced on Tuesday that it is to intensify scrutiny of the production and sale of seven kinds of food products including grain, meat, vegetables, fruit, milk products and aquatic products.

Original idea for farmers 2003-07-18
To set up a well-framed system of geographic indicators in China to reflect a product's point of origin is an efficient way to increase the country's agriculture values, said a leading Cognac industrial official.

Harvest benefits of farm research 2003-07-09
More investment in agricultural science and technology is crucial to the country's rural development. Such funds will not only substantially raise domestic farm produce's competitiveness in the international market but also improve overall social welfare for Chinese farmers.

Farmers urged to adopt top norms 2003-06-11
The Standardization Administration of China yesterday urged the country's farmers to adhere to national food standards to improve quality and increase exports.

Curbing decline of farmland 2003-04-08
To an agricultural country like China, farmland, essential to grain production, is ingrained in the psyche of the nation and its people.

Sustaining agricultural supply 2003-04-02
Effective measures should be taken to ensure the sustainable supply of agricultural products in the long term, an article urged in a recent issue of the Beijing-based Outlook Weekly.

Forming farmers' association 2002-02-25
Establishing agricultural industrial associations to represent farmers' interests should be put on the agenda today.

Experts call for supervision system to end local land grab 2003-02-24
The central government should have a nationwide land use registration and supervision system to curb rampant reclamation of land from farmers by local and grass-root governments, experts say.

Agriculture faces challenges 2002-12-11
China's agriculture is still facing stern challenges despite a farm trade surplus in the year following its entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO), officials and experts said yesterday.

Time to strike with green agriculture 2002-12-05
Now is the time for China to develop its green agriculture sector, as people are paying more attention to the origins of food due to a rise in living standards.

Farming: WTO has little impact 2002-11-08
China's agricultural industry has suffered less impact than expected in its first year as a World Trade Organization (WTO) member, with a sharply growing trade surplus for its farm produce.

Bumper harvests set to accelerate 2002-10-30
MAOMING, Guangdong Province: Having reaped a bumper harvest in the "three highs" - high yield, high quality and high efficiency - agriculture development, this city is stepping up to modernize the sector.

Rural market failing to spur domestic demand 2002-08-20
China's rural market has failed to stimulate domestic demand, despite its huge potential consumer base.

Farmers struggle with new market 2002-08-05
The Ministry of Agriculture yesterday said exports of China's agricultural products grew by 6.6 per cent in the first six months of this year, while imports dwindled by multi-millions compared with the same period in 2001.

Farmers hit by foreign 'green' barriers 2002-07-24
Farmers in China are being hit by foreign "green" trade barriers which are threatening the prospects for the country to become a major exporter of agricultural products in the wake of its entry to the World Trade Organization.

Agricultural policies guarantee food security 2002-06-18
With its continuous efforts to develop food production, China has not only succeeded in feeding its 1.3 billion people, but has also created favorable conditions for the nation to exploit the international food market and to carry out further food production reforms.

New agro-policy needed for WTO 2002-06-04
Adjusting agricultural policies now that the nation is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is one of the government's most pressing tasks, a top agriculture official told an international workshop over the weekend in Beijing.

China's Standardization of Agricultural Operations Going Well 2002-06-04
In tandem with its entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), a new round of agricultural reformis going well in China - the standardization of agricultural operations.

Flexible grain policy needed 2002-06-04
China's strategies and policies governing grain production and circulation should be adapted to the profound changes that have taken place in the domestic and global economy, so that the grain safety of China can be ensured under the new situation.

China needs to better back farmers 2002-05-21
Though not expecting to be dealt a particularly harsh blow from the new US farm bill, China still needs to give stronger support to its farmers to meet the challenges resulting from its entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Better tech urged to help farmers face WTO 2002-05-15
Chinese agriculture experts are reiterating the importance of improving the quality and safety of farm products to meet the challenges posed by China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Speeding up agro industrialization 2002-05-14
While adhering to the household contract responsibility system, industrialization of agriculture should be sped up in a bid to push farmers into the market, optimize the agricultural production mix and enhance management scale.

Farmland use should be regulated 2002-04-06
Transferring farmland use rights into non-farming entities and individuals should be curbed, urged an article in the Hainan-based Transition magazine.

Calls to boost farmers' coffers 2002-03-19
At the ongoing Fifth Session of the Ninth National People's Congress (NPC), calls are growing for a stronger impetus to China's non-farming sectors to spur on the incomes of farmers which have been relatively stagnant over the past few years.

Zhu: farmers a primary concern 2002-03-16
Premier Zhu Rongji said yesterday that his biggest concern is improving the livelihood of the country's 800 million farmers, which must be resolved through agricultural restructuring.

Legislators criticize farm fees burden 2002-03-11
Xu Yanlian, a legislator from East China's Jiangxi Province, said at the weekend that about one-seventh of her annual income is spent on various fees that she and other rural residents are charged.

Make WTO entry farmers' gain 2002-02-23
China's agricultural industry must adopt essential countermeasures to reduce the negative impact of its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and to seize opportunities, said an article in the weekly Beijing Review.

Technology vital to agro development 2002-02-11
The further development of Chinese agriculture calls for a substantial boost to agro-technologies, said an article in the China Economic Times.

Farming sector needs attention 2002-01-25
How to increase the gains of farmers will top the government's agenda in future as China's entry to the World Trade Organization has a dramatic impact on the country's nearly 800 million farmers, said an article in China Economic Times.

GMO rules raise fears of more barriers 2002-01-22
Technical barriers are likely to greater influence China's agricultural sector which is feeling the pressure of rising imports following the nation's entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Agriculture sector stressed 2002-01-10
The fundamental position of agriculture in the national economy should be adhered to, and stronger measures are needed to raise the income of farmers, said an editorial in the People's Daily.

Ecology at risk in west of China, says survey 2002-01-07
Environmental degradation in western China remains a pressing problem although there has been improvement in some regions, according to a survey conducted by the State Environmental Protection Administration.

Bumper harvest but snags afield 2002-01-04
China's agricultural sector has witnessed a productive year, despite such challenges as tentative government reform and severe droughts.

Raising of farmers' income urgent 2001-12-11
The development of China's agriculture industry has entered into a new phase as the era of undersupply has gone.

Agriculture challenge laid down 2001-11-09
China is trying to speed up agricultural industrialization to meet the forthcoming challenges that it faces as the country enters the World Trade Organization, a top agricultural official said.

Food safety slows industry growth 2001-10-12
China has succeeded in providing enough food for most of its populaion of 1.3 billion, but food safety has emerged as a new national concern, an article in Outlook Weekly said.

Overhaul of farm sector imperative 2001-10-09
As China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) nears, the current agriculture management system should be reoriented towards the global market.

Changes set to boost farming incomes 2000-09-04
China is launching a drive to halt the falling farming incomes which have followed rural expansion.

Farming trapped in dilemma 2000-01-18
In China, a country where two-thirds of the population live in rural areas, farming is the least popular occupation.

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