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Lamy: China fulfilling WTO commitments well 2006-09-06
Pascal Lamy, director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), is on a four-day visit to China that ends on Friday.

Not only size matters 2006-09-05
China's top 500 companies have become impressively large. Altogether these enterprises generated 14.1 trillion yuan (US$1.8 trillion) in revenues, accounting for 77.6 per cent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) last year.

Local gov'ts must stop inflating GDP figures 2006-09-05
Gross domestic product (GDP), as an indicator that gauges economic growth, has become the most important focus of concern for the country's economists and government departments.

Embrace golden century of peaceful prosperity 2006-09-04
China has been developing and perfecting its international strategies and foreign policies to facilitate its efforts to build socialism with Chinese characteristics and has formed an almost complete system since implementing the policy of reform and opening up to the world.

'Efficiency' made at cost of workers' interests 2006-08-30
A high-level official of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) explained why the robust growth of China's economy has not brought along a corresponding growth in employment during an interview with the Xinhua News Agency on Monday.

Creating a clever country 2006-08-28
As China vows to build itself into an innovator-friendly country, it is no surprise that domestic cities have been busy with championing the creative industries.

China, US benefit from friendly trade relations 2006-08-25
Chinese and US economies bring benefits to each other despite the challenges they face.

Prudent growth measures 2006-08-24
Chinese enterprises' soaring profits not only warrant a market-oriented investment boom but also justify the country's recent tightening measures.

Seek fair redistribution means for social wealth 2006-08-18
Reforms now afoot in the distribution system will mean a more expansive social security umbrella, stronger curbs on the development of monopolies

Care needed for reform 2006-08-17
The sooner an effective incentive mechanism is brought into place, the faster China's State-owned enterprises (SOEs) will press ahead with their market-oriented transformation.

Nation's opening up is continuing despite rules 2006-08-17
Recently, this author has been asked frequently by overseas media and businesspeople whether the policy of reform and opening up is being reversed and the country's doors being slammed shut to the rest of the world

Making a dynamic north 2006-08-10
Tianjin, a megacity that has long been overshadowed by neighbouring Beijing, has finally burst into the spotlight this year.

Get local statistics right 2006-08-09
A country's economic growth is supposedly, and rightly, the sum of those of all its regions. But sometimes things are not so simple.

Problems in macro-economy 2006-08-07
Reflection on our economic development strategy is needed for the country's steady and healthy growth, says a signed article in the Oriental Morning Post.

Freedom from fear encourages spending 2006-08-04
Economists and market experts may talk about the need to steer China's economic growth by unleashing the spending power of 1 billion consumers, but the average Chinese just doesn't seem to be in the mood to go shopping.

Hong Kong offers vital lessons in corruption fight 2006-08-01
For a long time, corruption has been privately regarded by many necessary to lower transactional costs in the course of economic development.

Don't protect monopolies 2006-08-01
Administrative protection has indulged monopoly industries, says a signed article in China Economic Times.

Time to break up monopolies 2006-07-28
Breaking monopolies is the most effective way to cut the unreasonably high salaries of some employees at monopoly companies, says a signed article in Dazhong Daily.

Solve nation's problems through public finance 2006-07-26
China has changed dramatically since the nation embarked on opening and reform in the late 1970s.

Little for Hong Kong to learn from Singapore 2006-07-24

Further tightening needed 2006-07-19
The Chinese economy's stunning 11.3 per cent year-on-year growth in the second quarter of 2006 justifies more tightening measures to take the steam out of this expansion.

With economic growth may come pressure from inflation 2006-07-18
It is not unusual for an economy that is growing 10 per cent a year to have inflation as a companion.

Law to protect public interests from monopoly 2006-07-13
The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress is currently discussing the draft anti-monopoly law.

Unleash consumption 2006-07-03
The government is clearly aware of the vital issues that may hold back its economic growth, as indicated by a recent comment made by China's top statistician.

A mission accomplished 2006-06-30
During his 52-hour visit to Hong Kong, Jia Qinglin, national committee chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, not only succeeded in impressing the people with his charisma, but also fulfilled the three objectives he had come for.

Excellent relationship 2006-06-28
The fact that Australian Prime Minister John Howard started his three-day China visit in Shenzhen points to rapidly growing economic co-operation between China and Australia.

Policy shift reflects changing US attitude 2006-06-27
US President George W. Bush nominated Henry M. Paulson as his new Treasury Secretary on May 30.

Ties based on goodwill 2006-06-26
When Chinese leaders are on overseas visits, the West frowns.

Development of central region reaches key stage 2006-06-22
The nation's plan to promote the development of its central region is now entering the key stage of implementation.

Take pride in efficient civil service 2006-06-20
A politically neutral civil service has always been regarded as the bedrock of Hong Kong society. In times of change and uncertainty, Hong Kong people can draw comfort and reassurance from an administrative machinery that will remain unclogged and untainted by political favouritism.

Important step forward 2006-06-09
The State Council's approval in principle of a draft of the long awaited anti-monopoly law marks a significant step forward in the country's efforts to create a fair and orderly marketplace.

Adhere firmly to reform 2006-06-07
China should never swerve from the path of reform that started 28 years ago as it strives to build a socialist market economy and achieve moderate prosperity for its people

Lessons in navigating US economic rapids 2006-06-07
For long-time observers of American politics, the current fear of foreign-owned firms operating in the United States brings to mind the classic misstatement of baseball great Yogi Berra: "It's deja vu all over again."

Tolerance is the key to achieving innovation 2006-06-06
One of the main themes of the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-10) is indigenous innovation.

End obsession with GDP 2006-05-26
The suggestion that local gross domestic product (GDP) growth could be allowed to fall below zero points to a pragmatic approach in terms of drawing up policies to attain balanced development.

Competitiveness just one part of economic jigsaw 2006-05-23
The World Competitiveness Year Book issued by the Lausanne-based International Institute for Management Development raises China's competitiveness ranking among the world's 60 biggest economies from 31st in 2005 to 19th this year.

Macro-control is still the keyword 2006-05-18
The mainland's property market growth didn't slow down last year despite the soft-landing measures of the central and local governments, and with new policies encouraging the sale of residential units, macro-control will continue to be the keyword in 2006.

Separate gov't from business 2006-05-17
The government should try to free its hands from economic activities as much as possible, says a signed article in People's Daily.

Ranking only a reference 2006-05-12
China moved up sharply in an influential international competitiveness evaluation that was released on Wednesday.

China makes headway in public administration 2006-05-08
Around the world, public administration has been an extremely important discipline. In China, the discipline of public administration has been gradually popularized and is becoming increasingly important since its reform and opening-up to the outside world.

Macro control under way 2006-04-28
If curbing excessive investment growth is imminent, policy-makers should make sure this round of macroeconomic control will be carried out in a more market-oriented way and with a higher environmental target.

Market economy needs more time to mature 2006-04-27
A debate erupted at the end of last year on the accomplishments and errors of nearly 30 years of reform in China. The debate involved renowned economists, government officials and the general public. Widespread debate on the Internet reached many.

Rapid start to new plan 2006-04-21
The 10.2 per cent growth of the Chinese economy in the first quarter demonstrates how promptly the country is carrying out its new five-year development plan.

Hu's visit to bolster ties 2006-04-18
President Hu Jintao is leaving for Seattle today to begin his four-day state visit to the United States.

How to keep Hong Kong's cutting edge 2006-04-14
A debate has been raging in Hong Kong over whether it will be marginalized by the rapid development of mainland cities. The debate became intense when Hong Kong's Chief Secretary for Administration Rafael Hui expressed these fears when China's 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-10) was unveiled.

Hong Kong must adjust development strategy 2006-04-12
Hong Kong's specific inclusion in the national 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-10) is generally well received here in the Special Administrative Region (SAR). There is a common consensus that since Hong Kong is part of China, which is the growth engine for the region, if not for the global economy, we should reserve a good seat on the "China economic express."

Economists should repair the damage 2006-04-11
In a recent televised talk show, the host posed this question to two guest economic professors: Why have economists in China become so maligned by the public when they should have been revered as champions of the nation's economic success?

Closer Pacific nation ties 2006-04-07
The benefits of China's peaceful development were brought to the Pacific island countries by Premier Wen Jiabao during his visit to Fiji, the first-ever trip to the island nations by a Chinese premier.

Major policies pointing way to sustained growth 2006-04-04
Now that the 11th Five-Year Program (2006-2010) is being implemented, four major policies of strategic importance will be carried out in the coming five years.

County economies can stimulate rural revival 2006-03-30
A body of opinion holds that agricultural restructuring demands expansion of the size of production, which, in turn, requires breaking up existing county boundaries and ushering in trans-county economic operations. This kind of thought is reminiscent of the fantasies that ran wild in the late 1950s, which maintained that a mere change in production relationship would automatically elevate productivity.

Central China can't let itself fall behind 2006-03-29
The Communist Party of China's high-profile accent on the rise of the central areas of the country illustrates and re-enforces its new development philosophy that no area be left behind.

Resurgent Russia takes journey of development 2006-03-22
"The Year of Russia" to be staged in China this year marks a new phase of China-Russia relations. It will also exhibit to the Chinese public how Russia has managed to emerge from the abyss of decline in the wake of the Soviet Union's disintegration and embark on the road of revival.

Intensive growth mode has extensive benefits 2006-03-21
The country's 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-10) marks a shift away from the traditional extensive growth mode almost exclusively geared to GDP increase, to a more intensive one guided by scientific concepts of development and orientated towards balanced and harmonious growth.

Growth mode change tough but necessary 2006-03-20
After much talk of the need to change the current extensive growth mode, it is now time to face economic reality.

North China economy prepares for take-off 2006-03-17
China is entering a development stage in which its economic centre is shifting northward. During this process, the integration of the economies of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province will hold the key to the country's development in the coming decades.

Determination to solve problems 2006-03-17
Premier Wen Jiabao's straightforward acknowledgment of problems indicates his government's resolve to solve them, says a signed article in Beijing Youth Daily. An excerpt follows:

Don't let the masses suffer 2006-03-15
Development is not an excuse to compromise ordinary people's rights, says a signed article in Workers' Daily. An excerpt follows:

Five-Year Plan guides nation's endeavours 2006-03-07
Deputies of the National People's Congress and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference began to discuss the 11th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development  (2006-10) yesterday.

Nation's shortcomings cry for more balanced development 2006-03-06
Although it has maintained rapid economic growth in the past years, China cannot be pleased about its failure to accomplish some major targets by the 2005 deadline, which has revealed kinks in economic and social development.

China's rise incomplete despite steady growth 2006-03-03
In the face of China's rapid economic development, people have a wide range of opinions about "the rise of China." Some believe China is already a risen power, others think it is in the course of rising and while some dismiss the "China rise" as sheer overstatement.

Mainland can help HK attain sustained growth 2006-03-01
The buzzword in the Hong Kong government 2006-07 financial budget speech delivered by Financial Secretary Henry Tang on February 22 was indisputably "mainland," as the word cropped up frequently throughout. Of the 88 paragraphs in the budget, which is supposed to lay out government income and expenditure plans, at least 21 were directly related to the region's economic integration with the mainland, covering basically the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), financial services, tourism, logistics and the talent pool.

NGOs act as bridge between gov't, people 2006-02-23
A decade ago, the term "NGO" would have left most Chinese scratching their heads. It was not until the Fourth World Women's Conference in Beijing in 1995 that it dawned upon Chinese that there was such a thing as an NGO (non-governmental organization) between governments and the general public.

Riding 'third wave' of global engagement 2006-02-22
China is experiencing the "third wave" of its embrace of the world. It is a drive for a progressive society, and its basic principle is the building of a sustainable, harmonious society in accordance with the world at large.

Hong Kong remains key to mainland's bright future 2006-02-21
The publishing of the latest report by the Commission on Strategic Development has raised the curtain for the great debate on Hong Kong's role in China's future progress after 25 years of rapid economic growth.

A new era in long Sino-Greek friendship 2006-02-16
That the People's Republic of China has become a significant player in the global arena is an indisputable fact that prompts international interest. Greece not only embraces this development but also sees in it great potential for multileveled bilateral co-operation. After all, the two countries have always been tied together with a long and strong bond of friendship, mutual understanding and respect.

Sober minds needed to map out the future 2006-02-09
The spotlight is on an inspiring annual report on China's modernization issued by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on Tuesday.

Regional co-op key to Central Asian integration 2006-02-06
Central Asia is at a turning point, and its leaders agree that regional co-operation and integration are critical to prosperity. Its governments are making progress towards establishing a policy environment that will encourage investment and enable private sector growth. Its economies are exhibiting new levels of strength.

China strengthens partnership with EU 2006-01-27
The long-term co-operation between China and the European Union in the fields of trade and economics and the constantly developing bilateral relations between Beijing and individual EU nations have combined to help lay solid foundations for overall co-operation.

Nation must rely on sustainable growth 2006-01-26
For the third consecutive year, the Chinese economy has grown at a rate of about 10 per cent, laying very solid foundations for pressing ahead with the 11th Five-Year Plan, from this year.

What are behind rankings? 2006-01-16
China got yet another slap on the back, when it recently ranked sixth in the world in terms of compound national strength by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Five-year plan sets stage for solving problems 2006-01-04
Inconsistencies between the country's economic and social progress are becoming increasingly obvious in the context of the Chinese economy making great gains over the last two decades or so.

GDP revision shows more rational economy 2005-12-30
The results of the first national economic census have been released, indicating the Chinese economy is moving forwards more healthily than previously thought.

Northeast struggles to emulate former glories 2005-12-30
Despite being the most important industrial base in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, Northeast China Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces has been staggering along since reform and opening up.

'Discovered' GDP reveals exciting new opportunities 2005-12-28
Many lessons can be drawn from the National Bureau of Statistics' revision of China's GDP (of 2004) last week, which enlarged the previously reported figure by 16.8 per cent, to mainly represent the more than 2 trillion yuan (US$247 billion) of added value from the service industries.

NW China region posts 400 million US dollars in foreign trade revenues 2005-12-26
Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, reported imports and exports of 3.5 billion U.S. dollars during the first 11 months, according to the statistics offered by the regional trade and development bureau Friday.

Long-term strategy for co-operation required 2005-12-22
China should work out a long-term regional economic co-operation strategy and layout to further boost economic development.

High-quality statistics part of nation's strength 2005-12-21
The new snapshot of the Chinese economy has surprised everyone.

Sustained growth will follow shift in State role 2005-12-14
What is the role of the government in the transition to a socialist market economy? What is the meaning of "focusing on economic development?"

Solid foundations for sound policy-making 2005-12-08
With the release of the initial batch of figures on Tuesday, the first national economic census is beginning to paint an accurate picture of the economy.

Foreign firms?monopolies cause concern 2005-12-08
China should introduce an early warning-system to prevent multinational companies (MNCs) from cornering the Chinese market, a cabinet think-tank has suggested.

Policies to help prevent industry uncertainty 2005-12-07
The economy is growing at a spectacular pace. But it is not all good news. How can the economy be stabilized by applying the proper braking mechanism?

Economic adjustments needed for fast growth 2005-12-07
China will soon enter its 11th Five-Year Plan period (2006-10). Abrupt changes in the macroeconomic environment in the middle of previous such periods have prompted adjustments to economic policies.

Steady course towards scientific development 2005-12-05
At the heart of its 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-10) lies China's ambition to build an overall well-off society.

Developing China's capital markets 2005-11-25
China is undergoing an extraordinary period in its economic development as it moves from a centrally planned economy to the vibrant marketplace we see today. Much of the reform has been done at a measured pace.

Hu Jintao expounds China's stance on APEC cooperation 2005-11-22
Chinese President Hu Jintao expounded China's stance on APEC cooperation at the 13th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting which kicked off in South Korea's southeastern port city of Busan on Friday.

Time to face gathering clouds of overcapacity 2005-11-16
While the Chinese economy is still benefiting from its rising status as a global manufacturing centre, warning lights have begun to flash about overcapacity in the domestic market.

China's development a boon, not a threat 2005-11-07
China's record trade surplus in the first nine months has once again touched off a flurry of commentaries in the Western media about the so-called "China threat."

Income disparity heralds tough tests 2005-10-24
China's national development blueprint for the next five years focuses on trying to balance out the income disparity, which is also high on the agenda at the Party's annual plenary session earlier this month.

Stamp out illegal ads 2005-10-21
The chain of vested interests should be broken to halt the flood of false and illegal advertisements in the media, says an article in People's Daily. An excerpt follows:

Take action now to expand demand 2005-10-21
The high-flying Chinese economy remains on track for healthy growth, according to the latest statistics, although some indices are a cause for some concern.

Rise of China an opportunity rather than threat 2005-10-20
China's new role in the world is beneficial to the whole international community, said Somkid Jatusripitak , deputy Prime Minister of Thailand when attending a regional investment summit here Wednesday.

Planners must think about waste 2005-10-20
Banging and crashing on a construction site rouses you from your sweet dreams and the road you take to work has been dug up causing a huge traffic jam. That is the way many Chinese urbanites start the day, having to shrug their shoulders and accept city life for what it is.

China needs firmly nail colours to the mast 2005-10-20
China's economic growth over the past two decades has been nothing short of miraculous. Never has the world seen such a large economy grow so rapidly over a sustained period of time.

Let China develop at its own pace 2005-10-19
Beijing's guesthouses have been very busy welcoming distinguished guests from the United States.

Strengthen co-op to help northern cities flourish 2005-10-19
In recent years, the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions in the south of the country have enjoyed rapid economic growth. By contrast, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has lagged behind a situation that calls for new initiatives to help the northern region catch up.

Giving developing countries bigger voice 2005-10-18
Reform of the Bretton Woods Institutions are high on the agenda for the annual meeting of the Group 20's (G-20) finance ministers and central bank governors being held this weekend in Xianghe, Hebei Province.

China needs to give tourism a soul 2005-10-17
Tourism has not traditionally been connected to China, not until quite recently. For both the visitors and the host country, it is a whole new ball game and many rules need to be fleshed out before it blossoms into a big time bonanza for the Olympics and the World Expo. In terms of infrastructure, manpower and training in language and service industry skills, there seems to be a lot happening.

China needs to give tourism a soul 2005-10-14
Tourism has not traditionally been connected to China, not until quite recently. For both the visitors and the host country, it is a whole new ball game and many rules need to be fleshed out before it blossoms into a big time bonanza for the Olympics and the World Expo. In terms of infrastructure, manpower and training in language and service industry skills, there seems to be a lot happening.

Paid holidays would be truly 'golden' 2005-10-11
The word "golden" in the name of the National Day holiday smacks of money.
At the conclusion of the week of festivities, government departments, as usual, celebrated the economic returns the annual furlough generated.

Optimizing economic structure for future growth 2005-10-10
China should pay more attention to its industry structure if its economic development is to be healthy and sustainable.

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