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Wasteful loans a catalyst for rampant lending craze 2006-08-28
More truth has been revealed about attempts by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region officials to build unlicensed power plants.

Technological breakthrough may reduce oil use 2006-08-25
A groundbreaking experiment is expected to help China cut down on energy consumption and reduce its reliance on oil.

Implement new law to the letter 2006-08-15
A government plan on energy conservation and pollution control should be strictly implemented, says a signed article in Jiefang Daily.

Bigger safety deposit needed 2006-08-04
Coal-mine owners and local officials responsible for workplace accidents deserve swift and harsh punishment, but only long-term preventative mechanisms will truly check the rising death toll.

A failed mid-term exam 2006-08-03
It is a huge challenge for a developing country like China to raise energy efficiency.

Poor start on energy goal 2006-07-27
A good start is crucial if we want to meet the country's target of cutting energy intensity by 20 per cent in five years.

Are price hikes justified? 2006-07-26
As the top economic planning body, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is responsible for not only setting key energy and utility prices but also tapping them to advance the nation's pursuit of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly sustainable growth.

Increase energy efficiency 2006-07-21
The State Council executive meeting on Wednesday put forward a number of measures to cut the nation's energy consumption.

Transparent bids needed 2006-07-20
Mining rights auctions are now widely promoted in China to "realize the value of mines, improve efficiency and cut accidents."

Maintain energy stability 2006-07-18
Energy security is currently a massive issue as the Middle East, one of the important global oil supplies, is on the brink of disaster.

Sensible measures for energy security 2006-07-12
China's energy security has recently come under the spotlight, as the United States and other Western nations charge that China's scramble for oil and gas around the world has led to higher oil prices.

China, Russia benefit from energy co-operation 2006-07-06
Sino-Russian energy co-operation entered a new phase during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to China in March.

Viable alternative needed 2006-07-05
Smoke from burning straw is a source of air pollution. This occurs in many parts of the country immediately in the wake of the wheat harvest.

Important first step 2006-07-05
The publication of a national list of energy efficiency by region is an important first step in the nation's energy saving race.

Improve energy efficiency 2006-06-15
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is reportedly planning to make energy consumption a compulsory index for local officials' career assessment.

Energy price increase is good news for China 2006-06-13
China's recent wave of domestic energy price increases is very positive both for the nation's economy and for relations with the major net oil-importing industrial economies.

More measures needed after oil price increase 2006-06-09
The price of refined oil has been raised many times in China. It is of vital importance that the country's oil price is pegged to that on the world market and is subjected to market forces.

Profit undermines safety 2006-05-29
Fifty-six coal miners remain trapped under the pit of a private coal mine in the county of Zuoyun in North China's Shanxi Province.

Promote dialogue on energy co-operation 2006-05-29
The first few years of the 21st century have witnessed long queues at petrol stations across the globe, while soaring prices in the New York petroleum futures market remind us how grim the world energy security situation is.

Bitter truce in price war 2006-05-24
It seems fashionable to raise prices nowadays. From the government-led upward adjustment of oil prices to an increase in taxi fees backed by public hearings, Chinese consumers have so far seen many price rises this year.

Three Gorges Project sets good example 2006-05-24
After 13 years of construction, the final touches were put to the concrete structure of the Three Gorges Dam last Saturday, making a century-old dream of the Chinese people finally come true.

Beijing takes energy lead 2006-05-23
Beijing's publication of its energy and water consumption statistics is expected to trigger an energy-saving contest among all local governments across the country.

Don't stop mine overhaul 2006-05-23
Another serious mining accident has taken place in the country's biggest coal production base of Shanxi Province in North China.

Push for pricing power 2006-05-22
Chinese steelmakers' refusal to accept a 19-per-cent increase in contracting prices for iron ore indicates the country's desire for more pricing power in the international commodities market.

Blame oil prices on politics, not China's demand 2006-05-19
China is the fastest growing economy in the world. It has the fastest growing middle class. It is also one of the fastest growing fuel consumers. But that is the logical conclusion of the second proposition of the syllogism.

How China can use energy economically 2006-05-11
The national energy leading group chaired by Premier Wen Jiabao recently declared that "marketization is the most important element of energy policy." 

New energy for future 2006-05-10
A bus powered by a hydrogen battery has run for 3,000 kilometres around Shanghai in April and the battery system is still sound for further use.

Gas price burden must be shared 2006-04-21
The gas price hike should be jointly shouldered by taxi drivers, passengers, government and companies, says a commentary in the Beijing News. An excerpt follows:

Unspoken reason for admin fees 2006-04-19
It is logical and reasonable: The petroleum price hike prompted the cost of running a taxi to soar; hence taxi fares need to be raised. Taxi passengers will have to pay more. That doesn't sound unfair  the person who enjoys the service should pay for the changing cost of producing that service.

Oil companies should pay their social dues 2006-04-11
The central government began imposing a special profit tax on oil companies from March 26 if prices of domestically produced crude oil exceed US$40 per barrel. This is an essential way to make oil companies shoulder their social responsibilities.

Carefully plan reform on resource prices 2006-04-07
Many factors are affecting the consumer price levels in 2006, among which the resource price reform has a decisive impact on the consumer price index (CPI) control.

Preparation prevents higher oil price pain 2006-03-28
The latest hike in oil prices will test the resilience of the Chinese economy. Whether or not the country can maintain its growth momentum in the face of higher oil prices will be an important test.

Energy intensity index deserves firm support 2006-03-07
Talk of a fundamental change in the country's growth model is giving way to action, as for the first time China has introduced energy efficiency as a key measure of economic growth.

Coal price crisis stems from economic shift 2006-02-14
The long-standing feud between mining and power generating enterprises over the price of coal threatens to affect electricity output, which could hold up economic growth.

Peaceful development of resources crucial 2006-02-07
China's peaceful development is conditioned on guaranteed supply of energy resources, oil and natural gas in particular, which are vitally important factors in world politics and economics. As a result, meeting the country's energy demand constitutes an important part of the Chinese diplomacy, which is essentially peaceful political activity.

Energy-saving homes key to sustainability 2006-02-07
Housing energy consumption accounts for nearly 40 per cent of the total energy use in this country.

Emergency planning to help crisis response 2006-01-24
The State Council published national response plans for nine types of emergencies on Sunday, ranging from plane crashes and nuclear power plant disasters to workplace incidents and telecommunications network failures.

Price control cannot ensure energy supply 2006-01-20
Though policy-makers made clear their intent to allow energy prices to rise, the increase in liquefied natural gas (LNG) in South China since the end of last year is stretching their patience to the limit.

Human lives not the price of growth 2005-12-28
While China has maintained its rapid economic growth this year, major explosions and other incidents in coal mines have killed at least 1,700 people.

Properly using funds for greener energy 2005-11-16
Going green has become a new consensus among the government, corporations and the public, and initiatives are being taken by major developed countries to shift to a more diversified energy consumption portfolio.

Five steps to prevent future energy woes 2005-11-16
Editor's note: At a recent seminar sponsored by China Daily, researchers analyzed the influence of rising global oil prices on China, and gave their appraisals of the country's energy strategy. Here is one opinion:

Oil price hikes could hinder nation's growth 2005-11-07
Editor's note: At a recent seminar sponsored by China Daily, researchers analysed the influence of rising global oil prices on China, and appraised the country's energy strategy. The following are some of their thoughts:

Partnerships will help solve energy conflicts 2005-10-28
In recent years, as the world economy has grown, demand for energy has risen. With oil prices constantly ascending, China's energy security has encountered severe challenges. China should adopt proactive measures to tackle the problem and ensure the sustainable growth of its economy.

China is not to blame for rises in oil prices 2005-10-27
On October 13, the credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's released a dramatic report, claiming that China's overseas energy strategy is one of the factors destabilizing global oil markets and pushing up prices. Some domestic experts predict that China's dependence on foreign oil will by 2020 surpass that of the United States. This is incorrect and is contributing to the so-called "energy threat from China."

Nation needs to tap into renewable energy sources 2005-10-08
The soaring oil prices have led many to use the opportunity to tout alternative energy sources. Kong Linhe is one of them.

Oil pricing reforms must be pursued with caution 2005-09-20
Although adopting a market-oriented approach is the ultimate goal of China's refined oil pricing mechanism reform, a government-dominated pricing system in which the market plays an increasingly important role will be in place in the short term.

Officials must monitor oil price changes 2005-09-13
Global observers have been amazed that the world economy not yet buckled under rising oil prices. Some Chinese officials may even be ready to share such unbridled optimism.

Shanghai takes steps to control energy use 2005-09-01
The East China metropolis will renovate 80,000 old-type toilets, each with a 9-litre cistern, in an effort to help relieve the city's water shortage.

Economic Review: Resource conservation in China means new business opportunities 2005-08-31
Oil-saving automobiles are getting increasingly popular in China. Among 3,600 sedan cars sold during a past ten-day automobile expo, two thirds were economical cars with low discharge volumes.

Oil prices cast shadow over growth prospects 2005-08-18
The latest statistics on economic activity in July apparently defy previous concerns that deflation may soon return.

Power shortages should inspire reform 2005-08-17
There is always a positive side to a crisis.

As pumps run dry, it is time for pricing reform 2005-08-15
The crippling shortage of fuel at many petrol stations in South China's Guangdong Province should not be written off merely as a temporary regional problem.

Congress should not deny market forces 2005-08-08
The latest attack on private property launched by the United States' Congress has come at the expense of Unocal shareholders, who have lost at least US$1 billion because of CNOOC's decision to drop its bid, not because of market forces but because of political pressure from Capitol Hill.

Aborted takeover will also affect US 2005-08-05
China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) has to bear the cost of its abandoned bid for the American oil company Unocal.

Fully carry out new plan on steel 2005-07-28
A slump in prices has come hand-in-hand with a surge in production for China's steel industry.

Promote use of small cars to save energy 2005-07-26
Petrol and diesel oil prices rose by around 6 per cent on Saturday, a larger jump than any of the other four increases this year.

Saving energy all in the details 2005-07-26
Greater efforts are needed to make saving resources more than just a slogan, says an article in Guangming Daily. An excerpt follows:

Efficient society needs more than official calls 2005-07-08
As young students, we read textbooks that spoke of China's vastness and abundance of natural resources.

Shared interests of China, Russia 2005-07-06
The Sino-Russian summit, which has just come to a close, has injected new vitality into Sino-Russian relations. The joint proclamation on world order in the 21st century and a joint statement are significant historical documents that herald a new, more developed era for bilateral ties.

Cold reception for Shenhua IPO 2005-06-16
HONG KONG: The nation's largest coal company Shenhua Energy made a disappointing debut in the largest IPO in the world so far this year yesterday, with analysts blaming high volatility of energy prices.

China should adjust its petroleum reserve strategy, expert 2005-05-27
China should adjust its oil reserve strategy by increasing planned oil reserves and establishing hinterland bases for future oil storage, said Associate Professor Cai Rongsheng with the Chinese People's University in an article published in Wednesday's Economic Daily.

Save water with smart pricing system 2005-05-27
The publication of the first guideline on the development of water-efficient technology marks a significant step forward in China's efforts to tackle its water shortage.

Mining towns dig deep for change 2005-04-21
For many people, Jiaozuo, an inland city in Central China's Henan Province, is still known for its coal mining. There are many cities of this sort in the country, built almost entirely on one business, such as mining. Now these cities are more often than not in deep trouble.

Speculation costs China dear 2005-04-05
China's ports may be filling up with iron ore stocks accumulated by traders, but the nation's steel producers have to accept skyrocketing price hikes imposed by international mining companies.

Renewable energy given priority 2005-03-23
An eagerly anticipated law on the usage of renewable energy will come into force in January 2006. The Law of Renewable Energy was recently passed by the NPC.

Country switches on to energy efficiency 2005-03-08
How to meet the soaring demand for resources has become one of the most pressing challenges faced by China.

Campaign aims to build energy-saving society 2005-02-25
Buildings in China are to become more energy-efficient to help save resources so China can continue to develop at a pace of knots.

Foreign firms quit power sector 2005-01-20
It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but most Western investors are upping sticks and quitting China's power generating market, despite its annual expansion of 15 per cent, one of the fastest growth rates in the world.

Power reforms need rational planning 2005-01-06
A State Development and Reform Commission notice to rein in the construction of power stations was recently reissued by the State Council.

Law promotes power saving 2004-12-24
A new law promoting the use of renewable energy in China is about to go in force.

CAO crisis a risk reminder! 2004-12-15
China Aviation Oil's debacle appears to have served as a good reminder of the enormous risks in entering the international futures market, but the government should not hold back capable oil dealers to embrace overseas capital markets, industry analysts suggest.

Energy-saving a pressing issue 2004-12-09
It was a typical early-winter night in Beijing, dry and freezing.

Oil retail opening to have little impact 2004-12-02
The upcoming opening up of the oil retail business is unlikely to have a big impact on the domestic market immediately, analysts report.

Energy-saving plan worries car industry 2004-12-02
Implementation of the country's most ambitious energy-saving plan will necessitate underlying changes across the national economy in coming years. But the plan's announcement is enough to prompt an immediate review of the country's automobile policy.

Electric pricing jolts residents 2004-11-18
The recent electricity price hike for residents in Beijing may be preluding to an overhaul of the nation's electricity pricing system, according to industry analysts.

Impact to be drawn from record oil price 2004-11-11

Impact of surging oil price 2004-10-21
In order to get a better idea of the reasons behind the current surging oil price and its influence upon the world economy, a basic knowledge of the political and economic situations of the oil exporting countries, concentrating on the Middle East, is necessary.

Better late than never-but first is best 2004-09-01
It has been reported that the middle route of the mammoth South-North Water Diversion Project will make a detour from its original route in Henan Province so that some centuries-old cultural sites are not destroyed.

Oil price hikes require astute policy-making 2004-08-26
Nationwide price hikes for gasoline and diesel oil on Tuesday clearly show that soaring global oil prices are finally filtering through, though with a bit of a lag, into the Chinese economy.

Power-saving plan sets good example 2004-08-24
The Ministry of Construction recently approved a plan that is calculated to change the night-time luminescent qualities of Chinese cities.

Energy pricing: new thinking 2004-08-13
Many local officials across China must be racking their brains to cope with worsening power shortages as high temperatures continue to put pressure on the country's already strapped power supplies.

Growing energy demand plaguing China 2004-08-11
Torrid energy consumption is essential if China's miracle economy is going to stay on track, but generating that power will be much too expensive.

Oil reserve key to energy security 2004-08-11
Shortly after China became a net importer of petroleum products in 1993, experts in macroeconomic policy and petroleum production began discussing the necessity for establishing a national strategic petroleum reserve.

Controlling energy demand 2004-08-05
A complementary blending of industrial policies and consumption patterns is crucial for reining in China's explosive growth of energy demand.

Investment reforms deepen in power sector 2004-08-03
The market-oriented reforms in China's power industry are, at last, being expanded to include investment mechanisms, as the central government decided to further reform the country's investment system last week.

More nuclear plants needed 2004-07-23
It is necessary to develop nuclear power in China, said an editorial in People's Daily. An excerpt follows:

Seeking positive energy outcome 2004-07-13
China and Japan enjoy broad prospects for energy co-operation despite the current heated energy disputes between the two economic giants.

China too passive on pricing 2004-07-01
Although China is a big oil importer, its leverage on the global price of the "black gold" is less than 0.1 per cent - behind much smaller nations like Indonesia and the Republic of Korea.

Power sector needs more than just a price hike 2004-06-17
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) yesterday gave thumbs up to an electricity price adjustment plan.

Public urged to save energy 2004-06-11
The current national energy shortage calls for the active participation of the public in saving energy, according to an article in the Yanzhao Metropolis Daily. An excerpt follows:

Power conservation everyone's concern 2004-06-10
If the recent mercury fluctuations had us dreaming about a lingering cool spring, yesterday's sizzle loudly announced summer's arrival.

Developing hydro power 2004-06-01
The comprehensive and active use of hydro power, which was made more urgent by the nation's recent widespread energy shortages, should be encouraged in the long term, according to an article in People's Daily. An excerpt follow:

Tap water network first step in big plan 2004-05-13
Many people may have marvelous memories of exquisite ancient rooftops and pavilions crisscrossed by watercourses - a stereotypical portrait of riverside settlements in China.

Breakthroughs unlikely in Sino-Russian pipeline talks 2004-01-20
Major breakthroughs are unlikely in the Sino-Russian pipeline talks in the new year, even though both governments have vowed to advance bilateral energy co-operation, experts suggest.

Oil price hikes good for market 2003-12-10
The recent hike in prices for domestic oil products is expected to help stabilize the oil market, which has been saddled with a supply crunch for more than one month, industry watchers said.

Power shortages still a problem 2003-12-02
After frequent blackouts during summer in half the nation, the country now has to struggle to keep up with the surging electricity consumption in winter.

Redefining energy usage 2003-11-17
Rather than just focusing on securing enough resources to sustain economic development, China's energy policy should elevate the importance of conservation and environmental protection over the next two years, according to experts.

A pipeline for prosperity 2003-09-26
Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov's renewed commitment to the Russia-China oil-pipeline project clearly underscored the importance his government attached to the strategic partnership of co-operation between China and Russia.

Lessons from loss of life 2003-08-26
As an energy-hungry country, China still relies heavily on coal to drive its economic development.

Nation's grids urged to power up security 2003-08-18
 The biggest power outage in North America's history last week has sounded alarm bells over the security of Chinese grid systems.

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