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'Self-immolation Guide': desperate insanity of the Dalai clique

China Tibet Online | Updated: 2013-03-01 18:31

The "Self-immolation Guide" also gives a slap to some Western forces. In order to contain and split China, for many years these forces have set the Dalai Lama as a "non-violent" struggle model.

After the self-immolation incidents, they completely disregarded the fact, denied the crimes committed by the Dalai clique, and accused the policy made by the Chinese government causing the self-immolations. Furthermore, they even showed sympathy for and "concern" to those criminals who have been sentenced to jail in line with the Chinese law to encourage the self-immolation manipulators.

The publication of the "Self-immolation Guide", which openly admitted the crime of the Dalai clique's inciting and scheming self-immolations, its political motivations as well as its future plans of continued manipulations hasn't saved faces of his Western masters.

Why did the Dalai clique publish the "Self-immolation Guide" at this moment? The reason is that the extremists among them feel desperate.

According to the Canadian Sing Tao Daily, the 14th Dalai Lama once instructed his followers earnestly and tirelessly, "Suppose we resort to arms to achieve our objective, we need guns and ammunition in the first place, but who will sell them to us? If we find the seller, where can we get the money? Even if we have money and get guns, how can these guns be transported to China and through which county border? The CIA once air-dropped guns for us, which happened in the past and will never happen again."

The 14th Dalai Lama drew a lesson from his own failures: That seeking "Tibet independence" through violent activities publicly didn't work, and it is better to adopt the "Middle-way Approach", which can deceive the world and seek "Tibet independence" indirectly. However, this political plot hasn't made any progress since its existence, and even the channel of contact and talk with Chinese central government was blocked by themselves.

Up to now, the scheme of manipulating self-immolations has been worked out by racking their brains as "the highest form of non-violent struggle", which will be doomed. All of these make some extremists more and more impatient, so they had to publish the "Self-immolation Guide", hoping this wicked fire extinguishes with some "achievements" at least.

Another reason for the publication of the "Self-immolation Guide" is that self-immolations haven't achieved the effect in the international community as the Dalai clique had expected. Even if some Western powers who always support the Dalai clique dare not take such a huge risk of losing political reputation or moral legality to support manipulating self-immolations, which is a converted violence and terrorism publicly.

The head of the "government-in-exile" lamented, "self-immolation in Tunisia can be the catalyst of the Arab Spring, why cannot we get the same support from the international community as that in the Arab world?", reported the New York Times on Feb 3.

A comment from the Chinese News Net pinpointed, "In fact, the self-immolations of Tibetans have rarely received support from the international community."

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