Institutional reform on BRIC agenda

By Zhang Xin (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-06-16 08:02

The leaders of the BRIC countries will not discuss the adoption of new global reserve currencies at the summit Tuesday, a top Russian official said.

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"As far as practical issues are concerned, we will speak more about the possible ways to reform international financial institutions," top Kremlin aide Sergei Prikhodk told reporters, adding that the discussion of new reserve currencies will likely be "ruled out".

BRIC member countries have hoped that as their influence grows, the weakened US dollar may be replaced.

Russia, the world's third largest foreign exchange reserves holder, has suggested that the Chinese yuan and the Russia rouble could become reserve currencies in the future.

Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan has suggested a global reserve currency to replace the greenback.

Pang Zhongying, from the Renmin University of China, said: "It is necessary to have ideas for a new reserve currency."

However, he also noted that the dollar would retain its dominant role and there was currently a limited feasibility of practical alternatives to the dollar as the world's main reserve currency.

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