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China increases aid to developing countries

Updated: 2009-03-04 13:00

BEIJING -- China has not scaled back but is increasing its aid to developing countries despite the global financial crisis, said a parliament spokesman Wednesday.

"We cherish more the solidarity and cooperation between us and other developing countries as the international financial crisis hit developing economies hard," said Li Zhaoxing, spokesman for the Second Session of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC), at a press conference.

He said while striving for good, stable development of its own economy and society, China will fulfill its related agreements with other countries and do what in its power to help developing countries in difficulties.

"The Chinese people are always grateful for those who have given a hand to us," said Li.

He added that China will never forget the help of African countries in its bid to restore its legitimate seat in the United Nations in 1971, nor the international community's support for the Beijing Olympic Games and the coming Shanghai World Expo 2010.

An editorial of the People's Daily has called on China's top political advisory body to made due contributions to help the country weather through difficulties.