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Equity start-up looks to AI for investors

By Fan Feifei ( Updated: 2016-10-24 15:17

Internet-based equity financing and investment service provider InnoTREE Co Ltd has launched an artificial intelligence product named Turing to answer equity investment queries for investors.

Teng Fang, the co-founder of the company, said: "the product owns 600 TB data from 200,000 projects in 1,000 industries, and 10,000 investors and investment institutions. It is a basic tool in the AI era, which could search database and answer any query about equity investment in three seconds."

Turing's database consists of data from the nation's three telecom carriers, intellectual property information, designated industries and open data source. Turing could expand knowledge coverage through its deep learning ability.

Teng said they spent almost one year developing Turing and it was just the beginning for the startup to be engaged in AI technologies in equity investment field.

Turing could answer questions about the industry, company and investors. For instance: "Is there any unicorn companies in the industry?", "what is about the future trend of the industry?" "Do the investors like to invest the industry?"

InnoTREE CTO Ma Chao said owning the database was just the first step, but how to deeply analyze and mine the data was the core. "The core concept is how to quantify the primary market and draw a portrait for the startups in the market," said Ma.

The company has 50 employees, with 30 involving in technology and product's research and development. Founded in 2014, InnoTREE obtained 50 million yuan investment from TF Securities in September 2015.

It just finished the 100-million-yuan series B fundraising. Teng said the capital will be invested in technology R&D, the access of data source and market promotion.

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