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Keeping the flame alight at times of crisis

By Shi Jing (China Daily) Updated: 2015-09-17 07:58

When most people are swallowed by the fast-spinning whirlpools of the commercial world, there need to be some who are outside of the vortex, especially those with some simple beliefs. Print media can be that simple and nostalgic belief. But then it is wishful thinking, as most people would say.

My mentor for the past six years is the grumpiest person I have met when it comes to work. He would yell at every reporter when something is not right with the story. But his strictness and discerning eyes have also nurtured a lot of young reporters. But he left the industry last month to join a non-profit organization, which he thought was "more rewarding" for him at his age.

This was another bolt from the blue for me. But he told me: "It will be fine". I guess so.

When television came, everybody said radio would be dead soon. But the proliferation of automobiles saved radio, and started bringing more commercials and money. I guess we will be fine, as long as some of us stick to the very beginning of our mind.

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