China faces ageing challenges

[2012-11-21 13:49]

China had 190 million people at or above the age of 60 at the end of 2011, according to the China National Committee on Aging. It is estimated that the figure will top 200 million in 2013 and by 2050, one third of the Chinese population will be aged over 60.

The advertising boom in China

[2012-11-20 15:05]

The advertising boom in China

Duty-free policy expanded

[2012-11-19 17:03]

Hainan province launched an expanded version of its duty-free purchase program to encourage more Chinese to buy imported luxury items at home.

Logistics industry in fast lane

[2012-11-19 15:13]

Logistics industry in fast lane

Maritime economy in blueprint

[2012-11-17 17:44]

President Hu Jintao, in his keynote speech to the 18th Party congress, pledged that China would enhance its capacity for exploiting marine resources, develop the marine economy, protect the marine ecological environment, and "resolutely" safeguard China's maritime rights and interests.

'Smart City' takes shape in China

[2012-11-16 13:13]

he concept of Smart City, now gains increasing popularity in China. Originally proposed by IBM, it is based on technologies such as the Internet of things and cloud computing, and embraces transportation, healthcare and public security.

Outsourcing's trials and tribulations

[2012-11-12 17:01]

The outsourcing industry in China is now at a crossroads after years of rapid development.

China UnionPay in overseas expansion

[2012-11-12 16:18]

Since 2004, UnionPay has kept expanding its global network to more countries and regions, including Asia Pacific Region, Europe, Americas, Africa and Australia.

China offers new hope for wine market

[2012-11-02 15:43]

As the global economic downturn hits Western demand for wines, Chinese buyers are being viewed as the saviors of the industry.

A never-ending gold rush in China

[2012-11-02 14:17]

China, the largest producer of gold, may also become the biggest consumer of the metal in 2012, overtaking India in that regard, according to the World Gold Council.

CSRC to bolster up stock market

[2012-11-12 16:31]

China Securities Regulatory Commission, the country's top securities watchdog, has launched a slew of measures to shore up the flaggingg stock market.

China remains top FDI destination

[2012-10-31 09:32]

China has for the second consecutive year been ranked number one in a list of top 10 investment destinations in the world.

Regions register faster GDP growth

[2012-10-31 09:32]

A total of 24 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across China have delivered economic growth above the national average in the first three quarters, while growth in coastal regions ramped up in the third quarter.

Chinese shopping habits changing

[2012-10-29 18:08]

A group of new mainstream customers is emerging in China, they are willing to trade up, rely on the Internet more to conduct searches, take emotional considerations more into account when making purchases, trust brands and prefer online shopping.

Firms release Q3 reports

[2012-10-29 13:45]

Get latest news about the Q3 reports of Chinese listed companies in Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

China's Energy Policy 2012

[2012-10-26 13:27]

The Information Office of the State Council, or China's cabinet, on Wednesday published the 2012 edition of white paper on the country's energy policy.

Bumper harvest expected

[2012-10-24 15:26]

Nuclear plants construction to resume

[2012-10-26 13:27]

The construction of new nuclear power stations, which had been suspended since the Fukushima disaster in March 2011, will be resumed in China.

Green vehicles

[2012-10-24 15:26]