PM 2.5 causes huge losses

[2012-12-19 10:40]

Shadow banking on the rise

[2012-12-19 09:20]

Yuan goes global

[2012-12-18 10:40]

Patent applications surging in China

[2012-11-30 17:12]

The number of invention patents applied for in China increased by more than 20 percent in 2012, exhibiting the fastest growth rate for that activity seen anywhere in the world, according to a commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office.

Outbound travel on the rise

[2012-11-30 16:01]

China is anticipated to become the world's biggest source of outbound travelers.

Cultural and creative industry to prosper

[2012-11-30 13:10]

Cultural and creative industry to prosper

Chinese develop a taste for coffee

[2012-11-30 13:09]

Although per capita coffee drinking is still low in China, it will become a common leisure activity and even a daily habit for many urban dwellers.

Climate talks may be just a lot of hot air

[2012-11-29 15:45]

Countries are hoping to negotiate an extension to the Kyoto Protocol, which runs until at least 2020, at the ongoing UN Climate Conference in Doha.

US avoids tagging China 'currency manipulator'

[2012-11-29 14:05]

The US Treasury Department continues a pattern of not labeling China a "currency manipulator".

Sany files lawsuit against Obama

[2012-10-19 14:54]

China's largest machinery manufacturer vowed on Thursday to "fight to the very end" in its attempt to sue US President Barack Obama for blocking its wind farm project in the United States over national security concerns.

China's booming insurance market

[2012-11-28 15:10]

China is expected to become the world's third-largest insurance market by 2015, according to Munich Re.

Chinese industrial profits rebound

[2012-11-28 15:09]

Investment and rising exports drive the rebound of industrial profits.