Chinese yuan rises against US dollar

[2012-11-28 15:08]

Chinese yuan rises against US dollar

China building its own aircraft carrier

[2012-11-20 17:46]

China building its own aircraft carrier

Sino-Japan economic relationship hurt

[2012-09-26 16:07]

Find latest information and news aboud Chinese and Japanese economic relationship and Sino-Japan trade from China Daily and

Aviation industry to take off

[2012-10-26 13:27]

China is stepping up efforts to develop business jet market and build general aviation airports.

Medical equipment industry in China

[2012-11-27 13:57]

China's medical equipment industry appears to be developing in a way that is similar to what information technology went through 20 years ago.

More Chinese go gym for fitness

[2012-11-27 13:55]

The desire for fitness is booming in China, but as more and more open, the sector is also becoming highly competitive.

The bittersweetness of cosmetic surgery

[2012-11-26 15:41]

With the rapid improvement in living standards, a growing number of Chinese turn to plastic surgery for a new look, but the results can be devastating if they take cheap and easy options.

China building its own navigation system

[2012-11-27 17:32]

China is building the Beidou navigation system, which can be an alternative to the US government-run Global Positioning System, or GPS.

China wraps up home appliance subsidy program

[2012-11-26 15:04]

China's subsidy program for purchases of home appliances in rural areas, which is due to end nationwide on January 31, 2013, has brought tangible benefits to people in rural areas.

Domestic consumption key to future growth

[2012-11-26 13:45]

The burgeoning purchasing power of China's affluent class, as well as that of high-net-worth people and the middle class, is a reflection of the increasing importance of domestic consumption to the country's economy.

Cosmetics giants confident in Chinese market

[2012-11-26 13:55]

China's cosmetics industry is coasting, comes from the massive expansion plans being made by some of the industry's biggest international companies.

Promoting personal income tax reforms

[2012-11-23 13:24]

Promoting personal income tax reforms

Wenzhou pilots financial reform

[2012-11-23 13:22]

The detailed rules of the pilot financial reform scheme in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, will soon be unveiled.

The costly love affairs of tycoons

[2012-11-22 16:00]

China has seen an increase in divorces involving senior managers in recent years in addition to the country's overall rise in divorces.

carbon trade

[2012-11-22 11:22]

carbon trade

China studying property tax expansion

[2012-11-22 13:16]

The Chinese government is "actively studying" an expansion of the experimental property tax program in the country.

Time ripe for trilateral FTA

[2012-11-22 13:15]

Time ripe for trilateral FTA

Ups and downs of Chinese liquor industry

[2012-11-21 17:26]

Ups and downs of Chinese liquor industry

Solar firms warned on delisting

[2012-11-21 16:16]

Four Chinese solar equipment manufacturers have received delisting warnings from overseas stock markets, as orders shrink and profits slump.

Film industry takes a slice of screen

[2012-11-21 14:08]

Film industry takes a slice of screen