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China continues to support all peaceful efforts towards resolving crisis in South Sudan

Updated: 2014-01-03 05:33
( Xinhua)

ADDIS ABABA - China likes to share its traditional wisdom of resolving conflicts towards peaceful resolution of the crisis in South Sudan, said Zhong Jianhua, Chinese Special Representative for African Affairs.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua on Thursday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Special Representative said being concerned with the situation in South Sudan, China supports all peaceful efforts to resolve the crisis in that country.

"The purpose is to understand the situation; to show our concern and show our support for all the reconciliation efforts. So, I came here also to listen to the Ethiopian government, listen to AU, and also I heard that talks could be started here for both sides in South Sudan," he said.

"All the important countries in this area, all involve in the efforts to push for peaceful solution for this conflict. It is quite comprehensive visit for me," he said.

Emphasizing that African problem must be resolved by African people, the Special Representative noted that China is keen to share its wisdom of solving conflicts to help Africans solve their problems in African way.

"And we show that we will be happy to be mediator. If any party has any message to want to bring to the other side, as long as it is towards a peaceful solution, we would be happy to do that. And of course, we have admitted that this is an African problem; it must be solved by the African people in African way. We fully respect that," he said.

The Special Representative underscored the need to have collective efforts for peaceful solution for the crisis and reconciliation in that country.

"All efforts are needed; all efforts are necessary. I think in this crisis, we need every party to join us, to join them, to push for peaceful solution; all are very, very necessary," he said.

The Special Representative also revealed that China is happy to work with others towards peaceful resolution of the crisis in South Sudan.    

"We put forward our wish to meet with anyone who wants to meet with us. I think, we have been very warm welcome by all parties, all countries necessary. And as long as we can have our message be channeled to the parties we are satisfied," said the Special Representative.  

The Peace and Security Council of the African Union at its meeting last Monday appreciated the efforts by the international stakeholders including China to bring the current violence to an end.

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