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(China Daily) Updated: 2016-08-01 07:51

On the promotion of public participation in winter sports:

"So far, 30 provincial regions across China have started to organize winter sports competitions and entertainment activities. The number of regular winter sports participants in Beijing, Zhangjiakou and the surrounding areas rose to 6.8 million during the winter season."

Han Zirong, secretary-general of the Beijing 2022 organizing committee

On planning venues and infrastructure:

"We've started the design process for all new-built permanent and temporary venues with the help of the IOC and respective winter sports federations. International experts have visited Beijing and Zhangjiakou to assess the existing venues and offer advice about their use in winter competitions."

Gui Lin, an official with the organizing committee's planning, construction and sustainability department

On staff training:

"In cooperation with the relevant governmental departments and higher-education institutes, we have drafted a staff education and training plan for organizing officials, local experts, college students and the general public to gain the skills and knowledge required to serve the preparations for the Games."

Yan Cheng, an official with the organizing committee's human resources department

On preparing for highly technical events:

"Unlike the summer events, a lot of winter sports including curling, bobsleigh and luge, require high technical standards in terms of climate and conditions at venues, such as humidity, temperature, mountain gradient and vertical drops. We've been in regular contact with the IOC, sports federations and professional event-operating agencies overseas to meet those demands."

Tong Lixin, director of the organizing committee's athletics department

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