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Chinese owner of NBA team inevitable

( Updated: 2014-10-15 14:00

Commissioner Adam Silver has predicted there will be a Chinese owner of an NBA team in the near future.

He said in Shanghai that NBA Global China matches have developed more quickly than expected and that he's "sure some [investors] will be interested," in owning a team.

"I was surprised that Chinese fans know very well the players from even before NBA’s first match in China years ago when I came my first time," he said before thc Sacramento Kings and Brooklyn Nets faced off in the 10th edition of NBA Global China games.

"For the past 10 years, basketball has developed far more than I expected. You have a basketball population of 330 million in China and that is bigger than the whole population of the US," Silver said.

The commissioner, who has led the National Basketball Association since February, believes there will be a Chinese NBA team owner soon. "China has huge wealth and is growing at a rapid pace. There are Chinese investors all over the world. I'm sure some will be interested in our teams and they are welcome," he said.

The Kings and Nets clash again in Beijing on Wednesday, the second leg of their China tour.

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