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One-on-one with Nets Deron Williams

( Updated: 2014-10-15 09:56

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's moments after the Brooklyn Nets' open practice at the MasterCard Center in Beijing on Sunday and star Deron Williams is gearing up for a rematch with the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night after edging past them on Sunday in Shanghai. The 30-year-old point guard and former NBA All-Star is no stranger to China and he spoke to China Daily Online about his growing love for the country, his crossover move, memories of 2008.

Q: This is your second time in China since the 2008 Olympics. What is your impression this time?

DW: Another great game and another great crowd. The fans have been great to us so far. A great turnout in Shanghai. I expect nothing less in Beijing.

You've said winning the gold medal in Beijing Olympics is the proudest moment of your career. How do you feel coming back here (to the MasterCard Center) today?

It is great. It is great to be back in Beijing. It is my first time back since the Olympics. I had a great time before. I had great time this time as well. The fans have been great. We enjoyed the trip a lot.

Do you remember when you tried to dunk on Yao Ming when Team USA played China at the Beijing Olympics?

That was a foul! It should have been a foul. They didn’t call it.

What can you say about playing Yao Ming and the Rockets in the 2006-2007 playoffs?

I really enjoyed playing against Yao. We had a tough series against them. We took the series to game 7 in Houston. I am really sad to see his career cut short because of the injuries. He is so talented; a great big man and a great person as well.

Where did you learn those sick crossover moves?

Just growing up watching different players. I grew up watching Allen Iverson, Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Baron Davis, these guys. Jason Kidd, his fast-break crossover. I kind of took pieces of their game. I watched games and saw what they did, then I would go out on the court and I would try them. That is how I developed my crossovers.

What is the latest tattoo in your right forearm about?

There is a bunch of stuffs. I have a scripture from Bible right here. (Names of) my two sons. This crab is a symbol for cancer. And Olympic rings right there.

What makes you more angry: people pronouncing your name wrong or being left off the All-Star team?

Probably people pronouncing my name wrong because it happens to me all my life. It is an everyday thing. [As for not making the All-Star], I haven't been playing well in the last couple of years. I have been injured and that is the reason I wasn’t in the All-Star Game. I look forward to helping my team win and having the opportunity this year. But the name definitely bothers me.

What do you think of the NBA critics are dismissing the Nets this season?

I don't really worry about the reports or hearsay. I worry about us. I think that's what the team is worried about. Fifteen guys we are gonna have in a locker room. Coaching staff. We believe as long as we believe in each other, that's all that matters

Who is your favorite teammate?

I love all my teammates.

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