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China, Vanuatu pledge to boost cooperation

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-08-17 20:08

NANJING -- Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister of Vanuatu Joe Natuman met in Nanjing on Sunday, pledging to boost bilateral cooperation.

Hailing Natuman as an old friend of the Chinese people, Xi said the Vanuaaku Party, of which Natuman is a founding member, was the first political party in the Pacific island region to establish relations with the Communist Party of China. He added that the party has made a great contribution to China-Vanuatu ties.

Xi said the Chinese side respects the Vanuatu people's choice of development path and will back the island country's efforts to safeguard its rights and advance sustainable development.

Xi said China welcomes more exports from Vanuatu and will support Chinese companies cooperating with Vanuatu partners in agriculture, fishery, transportation, telecommunications, clean energy and infrastructure.

As Vanuatu prepares for the 2017 Pacific Mini Games, Xi said China will share its experience with the island country in hosting sporting events.

Natuman said both Vanuatu and China suffered invasion by Japanese fascists and the Vanuatu and Chinese people sympathized with and supported each other during World War II. Vanuatu won China's support in the country's fight for national independence, Natuman added.

The prime minister said that Vanuatu looks forward to learning from China's success in its push for national development.

Natuman reaffirmed that Vanuatu will firmly stick to the one-China policy and back China's efforts for peaceful reunification.

Vanuatu appreciates China's important contribution to promoting regional peace and stability and will continue supporting China in international and regional affairs, said the prime minister.

During the meeting, Natuman also offered condolences to Xi for casualties caused by the earthquake that struck Ludian County in China' s Yunnan Province earlier this month.

On Saturday, Natuman attended the opening ceremony of the 2nd Youth Olympic Games held in Nanjing.

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