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"My Jiangsu Story" - Nyasha Manamike

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Nyasha Manamike, a student studing at Jiangsu University, shares the story of Jiangsu with us.

From the ni hao to the hellos, the bustling of various languages in the picturesque Nanjing Lukou airport leaves one anticipating what Jiangsu province has in store for them as they board their trains and head to their various destinations in the southeast of the province. This province is indeed home away from home!

'…the river of time flows nonstop day and night and things change as the seasons change. Every generation of young people is offered the opportunities of the era for drawing a picture of life and creating history.' These words of Xi Jinping echo in my journey of exploring the province as well as growing as a person. With so much to offer, much of which I can never fully utilize in my four years Jiangsu tradition and cultures, if adopted can leave one a better person than they were before.

The old man with so much agility and swiftness throws the pet bottles in a huge bag for recycling. On his slightly bent over back, he carries them, smiles and nods to acknowledge the ni haos that come from around him. His smile radiates and glows, and I think, he knows he is passing on lessons that money cannot buy and only the wise can grasp. His graceful age, smiles and agility makes me think about life. In Zhenjiang, I have seen diligence, discipline, determination at levels and have imbibed these core values as a guiding principle in my life. Chinese people are known globally to have a clear focus and they pursue with great zeal and are not be intimidated by what others say.

Hot as it might be, the grandfather tosses his excited grandson in the air! Their gaze meet and they both chuckle. The grandmother standing with them utters a few words and they all laugh. I grew up in the big cities and in my culture, seeing your grandparents is something done, maybe once or twice a year. Before I could make a decision on the time to spend them, my grandparents were gone too soon, taking with them knowledge that I can never retrieve! For me, seeing that it is possible for someone to have the best of both worlds in the same house, reinforcing the importance of family bonding and cultural values. I must say, even if I failed to get it, I am certain that my children will enjoy the privileges Chinese children have.

As I walk in the historic Pearl S Buck Museum in Zhenjiang, these words whirl to mind. How can such a country give such acknowledgement to a foreign woman? Then I recall the melodious sound of xiexie that I hear in the market to the taxi drivers and I realize that China as a Nation appreciates each and every one of us, as expats. I might not have a monument built in my name, but I know that in my pursuit to write history, I am doing it in a country that appreciates me despite my nationality.

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