Opinion / Wang Hui

US' actions are steadily eroding bilateral trust

[2016-08-03 07:54]

As Tung Chee-hwa has rightfully pointed out last month, a good China-US relationship is important to both economies and to the world at large. The ball is now in the US' court if it still wants cooperation, other than confrontation, to prevail.

Duterte can create conditions conducive to resolving disputes

[2016-07-27 08:00]

The Philippines should understand the ruling, which has cost the country tens of millions of US dollars, is nothing but a worthless piece of paper.

US focus has shifted from Middle East to the South China Sea

[2016-07-07 08:08]

The maritime disputes have nothing to do with the US, and there is no single case in which freedom of navigation has been impeded in anyway.

There's no need for Hong Kong-mainland tensions

[2016-07-18 06:59]

I came to work in Hong Kong at a sensitive moment: The somewhat tense atmosphere between this international cosmopolitan city and the mainland has been lingering for a while, drawing increasing concerns from people on both sides.

Fishing in troubled waters of no help to Australia

[2016-07-15 08:26]

At the end of one of the country's longest and closest elections in half a century, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared victory on Sunday. His stay in power could be a good omen for China-Australia ties, which gathered robust momentum after their historic free trade deal came into effect at the end of last year.

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