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The dangerous myth of the hero entrepreneur

[2010-11-25 09:41]

Earlier this month, I sat on a panel in Monte Carlo, a hotspot of the establishment, discussing the question, “Why can't Europe be more like the US?”

American foreign policy after the mid-term elections

[2010-11-19 15:09]

Few Americans cast their ballot in the recent mid-term elections on the basis of foreign policy.

The economic consequences of America's elections

[2010-11-17 14:02]

November's mid-term elections were a sharp rebuke to the vast expansion of government spending, deficits, and debt in the United States.

America's employment and growth challenges

[2010-11-15 12:07]

For many, if not most, Americans, the crisis that befell them in 2008 – leading to slow growth, rising unemployment, and high anxiety among voters – appeared to spring from nowhere.

Japan's options

[2010-11-11 13:46]

The current tensions between China and Japan have revived talk about how far Japan has fallen since its glory years of the 1980's.

A return to reason

[2010-11-11 11:55]

Common sense was an early loser in the scorching battle over the reality of man-made global warming.

Is America catching the "British disease?"

[2010-11-10 10:42]

Doomed to slow growth, the US of today, like the exhausted Britain that emerged from World War II, will be forced to curtail its international commitments.

Don't count on global governance

[2010-11-10 10:15]

Everybody agrees that the world economy is ill, but the diagnosis apparently depends on which corner of it you happen to inhabit.

Beware of wounded lions

[2010-11-03 14:44]

G20 leaders who scoff at the United States' proposal for numerical trade-balance limits should know that they are playing with fire.

China's war on inequality

[2010-11-02 16:49]

A major new target in the "Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development" that China just unveiled is to boost the growth rate for household (disposable) income so that it equals the growth rate of the country's GDP.

David Cameron's culture war

[2010-11-02 15:47]

British Prime Minister David Cameron's government has announced some of the most draconian public-sector cuts any developed country government has ever attempted.

Why has America's economic recovery stalled?

[2010-10-27 13:37]

The United States' import bill now exceeds $2.4 trillion a year, more than twice that of China and greater than that of the 27 European Union countries combined.