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Arming the asylum

[2012-08-01 20:53]

The horror has become almost routine. This time, the massacre site was a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, where accused shooter James Holmes murdered and injured dozens of moviegoers.

'Terrorists' at home

[2012-03-31 13:51]

Last week, I submitted an affidavit to support an important lawsuit brought by reporter Chris Hedges and others, against US President Barack Obama and his defense secretary, Leon Panetta.

America's Islamic blind spots

[2012-03-01 17:37]

While Obama should continue to apologize for the Koran burnings, we must understand that Afghans' rage is a response to an even deeper, rawer wound.

The people versus the police

[2011-11-01 17:27]

Across the country, police, acting under orders from local officials, are breaking up protest encampments set up by supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement – sometimes with shocking and utterly gratuitous violence.

A gender divided

[2011-10-09 16:31]

When the poorest countries – most of them in Africa or with Muslim majorities – choose to sustain and even devise new policies that oppress women, we have to be willing to say that, in some measure, they are choosing the economic misfortune that follows.

David Cameron's great expectations

[2011-09-02 14:00]

In the wake of the riots in England, Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed reviving children’s courts, urged harsh sentences for convicts, and floated even more odious ideas. We already know where such measures would lead the country.

America’s reactionary feminists

[2011-08-02 14:24]

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are real feminists – even if they do not share policy preferences with the already recognized “sisterhood,” and even if they themselves would reject the feminist label.

Is pornography driving men crazy?

[2011-07-04 11:06]

Could the widespread availability and consumption of pornography in recent years actually be rewiring the male brain, affecting men's judgment about sex and causing them to have more difficulty controlling their impulses?

Sex and surveillance

[2011-06-01 15:35]

It is impossible to hear about sexual or sex-crime scandals nowadays without considering how they were exposed. What does it mean to live in a society in which surveillance is omnipresent?

Yale's safe sex criminals

[2011-04-29 09:57]

In October 2010, the current brothers of George W. Bush's former fraternity at Yale, Delta Kappa Epsilon, marched through the first-year quad chanting, "No means yes! Yes means anal!" They held up signs reading, "We love Yale Sluts."

I want Al Jazeera

[2011-04-01 11:58]

Americans have a hunger for international news; it is a myth that we can’t be bothered with the outside world. Maybe Americans will rise up and threaten to boycott their cable and satellite providers unless we get our Al Jazeera.

A press without principles

[2011-02-09 10:03]

When bullied, journalists can protect themselves only by fighting back – as a group. And when a technology-led change is inevitable, integrating it into an open society should be one of journalism's chief tasks.

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