Opinion / Kenneth Rogoff

How long for low rates?

[2012-08-10 17:09]

Is this extraordinary situation stable? In the very near term, certainly; indeed, interest rates could still fall further. Over the longer term, however, this situation is definitely not stable.

Austerity and debt realism

[2012-06-08 16:12]

Many, if not all, of the world's most pressing macroeconomic problems relate to the massive overhang of all forms of debt.

Jeremy Lin and the political economy of superstars

[2012-03-07 14:52]

Lin's success is delicious, partly because it contradicts so many cultural prejudices about Asian-American athletes.

Coronary capitalism

[2012-02-03 17:07]

A systematic and broad failure of regulation is the elephant in the room when it comes to reforming today's Western capitalism.

Rethinking the growth imperative

[2012-01-06 13:03]

Modern macroeconomics often seems to treat rapid and stable economic growth as the be-all and end-all of policy.

A gravity test for the euro

[2011-11-04 15:56]

There are plenty of vaguely-plausible reasons why the euro has remained so firm against the dollar throughout the euro crisis, at least so far.

The wrong tax for Europe

[2011-10-09 15:27]

There is ample reason to be angry at financiers, and real change is needed in how they operate. But the European Commission's proposal to tax financial transactions is no solution to Europe’s problems – or to the world's.

Will the IMF stand up to Europe?

[2011-09-02 14:07]

As the eurozone crisis continues to deepen, the International Monetary Fund may finally be acknowledging the need to reassess its approach.

The Second Great Contraction

[2011-08-05 15:07]

Why is everyone still referring to the recent financial crisis as the "Great Recession"? The term, after all, is predicated on a dangerous misdiagnosis of the problems that confront the United States and other countries, leading to bad forecasts and bad policy.

Technology and inequality

[2011-07-08 15:27]

Until now, the relentless march of technology and globalization has played out hugely in favor of high-skilled labor, helping to fuel record-high levels of income and wealth inequality around the world.

The Euro's PIG-headed masters

[2011-06-07 15:13]

Europe is in constitutional crisis. No one seems to have the power to impose a sensible resolution of its peripheral countries' debt crisis.

Bernanke meets the press

[2011-05-05 09:22]

Precisely because so much emotion has been invested in QE, the psychological effects of returning to normalcy are going to be perilous and unpredictable.

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