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China can learn from Japan how to fight pollution

[2017-01-09 07:41]

If China can lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, it surely can find a way to keep its cities' air clean.

Abe's Pearl Harbor gambit is not likely to pay off

[2016-12-26 12:16]

And given Trump's unpredictable foreign policy, it is difficult to say whether Abe's reconciliatory visit to Pearl Harbor will get the desired response from the incoming US administration.

Abe can hardly please both the US and Russia

[2016-12-19 07:34]

Many issues in Japan's foreign policy are legacies of World War II. However, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has seemed determined to try and settle two of them in the last month of this year.

Abe should also seek reconciliation for 'trail of unspeakable cruelty'

[2016-12-12 07:37]

On Dec 26, Shinzo Abe will be the first Japanese prime minister to visit Pearl Harbor, on which Japan launched a sneak attack on Dec 7, 1941, dragging the United States into the war. He will not apologize for the attack during his visit, as it is intended to "console" its victims.

Popular culture can be employed to help forge friendly ties

[2016-12-05 07:45]

It came as no surprise that Your Name, the latest film by Japanese anime director Makoto Shinkai, which started its theatrical run in China on Friday, has been such a hit with Chinese audiences.

US-led missile system a cause of instability in East Asia not a symptom

[2016-11-28 08:33]

Japan likes to talk about the status quo. But the country itself is trying to shift the strategic balance of power in East Asia.

Wait and see is the message on ties with Japan

[2016-11-21 08:44]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the first foreign leader to meet with the US president-elect, and Japan's media excitedly seized on anything that could be regarded as a positive signal from the high-profile meeting on Thursday between Abe and incoming US President Donald Trump.

Trump's foreign policy cause of concern for Abe

[2016-11-14 07:46]

The unexpected victory of billionaire businessman Donald Trump in the US election has caused great anxiety in the country.

Japan unhappy with UNESCO, as it would like the world to forget

[2016-11-07 08:12]

UNESCO's Intergovernmental Committee is expected to make the final decision later this month.

Duterte's visit clearly revealed Japan's strategic calculations

[2016-10-31 08:16]

The Mainichi Shimbun called close cooperation between Japan, the United States and the Philippines the "core" of Japan's security policy in the South China Sea.

Art triennale brings life back to dying islands

[2016-10-24 08:17]

The sustainable future of the islands remains unsure as the Triennale may not bring enough residents. But the art is making people happy.

Abe administration still dragging its feet over ratification of Paris pact

[2016-10-10 07:49]

With the world's fight against global climate change gathering steam, pressure is growing on Japan, the world's fifth-largest emitter, which has not ratified the Paris climate change treaty that will formally come into force on Nov 4.

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