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A big experience of the Belt & Road success of the simple student

By Gulzhan Aizholova | | Updated: 2017-06-02 17:42

For of small industrial town of Jezkazgan, which is located in the central part of Kazakhstan establishing of bilateral relationship between China and Kazakhstan on developing transport infrastructure has become an important event. During the visit to Astana, Kazakhstan in 2013 President of China Xi JinPing the first time introduced the concept of the “Silk Road Economic Belt”.

Nowadays the citizens stressed that since announcing the China's “Silk Road Economic Belt” and Kazakhstan “Bright Road” the economy of a small town has been increasing, the level of unemployment is decreasing, youth is coming back to their home, level of specialists turnover is also reducing. It is just a case of the one of small towns, which is attracted in the “Silk Road Economic Belt” initiative. Nowadays a new railway “Jezkazgan-Shalkar-Beineu”, which will connect directly East and West is constructing. For a tiny Jezkazgan this construction became a chance to walk out of crisis.

The“Joint Declaration on New Stage of Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Kazakhstan[1](2015, 31 Aug)” maintains thatthe “Silk Road Economic Belt” of China and new economic policies of the “Bright Road”[2] of Kazakhstan complement each other, and both of policies are aimed to built sustainable society. Indeed, both of initiatives are aimed through the close international collaboration toexpand economy and development of Asian regions, to force the cooperation on new level of development. It is expected that with cooperation of the “Bright Road” and China's the “Silk Road Economic Belt” program will o increase the social well-being of countries and develop the infrastructure of Kazakhstan regions. The “Bright Road” is the new stage of the country development. This program is not simple program that will walk the country out of crisis, it is the new approach, which would make it possible to strengthen the possibilities of Kazakhstan through exchanging experience with China and other country-participators in the “Belt and Road” initiative.

So, why Belts and roads are important for countries? Is it just a road which will connect countries of the world? Why in one time two counties put their goals in construction the new transport infrastructure? Finally, why the most of the countries hail the B&R initiative?

I would like to explain my view on a case of my motherland Kazakhstan. Above I've already provided a little example of the town of Jezkazgan. For the whole country the B&R is the crucial project.

Chinese proverb says “tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand”. Indeed, after involving in cooperation in project of B&R a couple of countries understood importance of the B&R initiative.

From history it is well known that roads are reviving the regions through impact on its economy. The road is a belt, a beginning of new contacts, new relationship between the countries.

In the Address of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan to the Nation in 2014, January, it has been noted the transport infrastructure is the critical key in the development of industrial economy and society. Indeed, from ancient time people recognized an importance of road building: The Royal Road of the Achaemenids, Roman Roads, the Great Silk Road, which has become the connecting network of trade routes between China and Mediterranean. The roads have been transporter of culture, languages and other non-material treasures. At a part of the Great Silk Road various tribes and nations lived from ancient times, and historical migration is bright and vividly reflected in the Kazakhstanian part of the Great Silk Road. The roads define continuity from one space to another. In our case the B&R creates the new space between countries. Historically and geographically Kazakhstan and China always closely cooperated and collaborated. Kazakhstan is the largest countries in the Central Asian region, and length of its border with China more than 1700 km. After announcing independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, two countries, China and Kazakhstan have been developing bilateral relationship actively. According the Joint Declaration such issues as cross-border water utilization, natural resources usage, the safety issues: terrorism, crime level; economic cooperation and other crucial challenges are addressed; the current, 2017 year, is announced as the Year of China tourism in Kazakhstan. All of this aspects are affecting on regions stability and resilience.

A bright example of positive relationship was signed agreement in 2002 “Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation Between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Kazakhstan”. It found a strong political basis for the further development of bilateral relations. Since the announcing and implementing the B&R project numerous of results were achieved.

Currently, bilateral relationship have reached a high level of development. China brings in Kazakhstan new technologies, financial resources and services.

The whole world is observing and witnessing the success of the B&R. It is not the secret that world is experiencing the critical period in economical development. This difficulties are reflect at the mood of nations, peoples. And the B&R in spite of such difficulties are keeping on the expansing the friendship dialog between the nations. The B&R is the great opportunity to share information, exchange experiences, as well as knowledge.

Nowadays I am doing a PhD program in Harbin, China. As international doctoral student, who study abroad, I live in society where the other various different cultures from all over the world mixed and created a “melting pot”. And it is amazing to have a chance to enhance my outlook. China gave me a great experience. Academic qualifications give me the spirit of consolation, for the future self-confidence. Success requires not only opportunities, but also requires efforts. I put a big effort to become bi-cultural in environment where students share their traditions. And, I think all of us trying to do it. In China I have an opportunity to focus on learning and mastering knowledge.

The B&R of two countries is reflected in attitude of both country's citizens on friendship, cooperation, international communication. Walking in Harbin's streets I feel closeness and friendship of city citizens. The well-known proverb says that many hands make the light work. I am glad that my homeland Kazakhstan is contributing in rising this light. As well as I am happy that I opened for myself a new window, the window in China. We are in a one world of life, common interests. Need to hang in there, everyone together.

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