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New leadership, new approaches

By Sun Yeli (China Daily) Updated: 2014-10-09 08:00

The Governance of China, a collection of speeches by Xi Jinping, offers insights into the thinking that shapes the country's policies

What are the governing ideas of China's new leadership? In which direction is China heading? Will China continue its reform and opening-up policy? What is the basis of China's foreign policy? Such questions often arise.

A new book, The Governance of China, which contains 79 speeches by President Xi Jinping, along with 45 photos about his work and personal life, sheds light on the answers.

Due to the profound and rapid changes that have transformed the country, people from different regions, social strata, and fields of endeavor naturally do not think alike. Therefore consensus is needed to prevent discord from undermining development and social harmony.

The key to consensus is identifying a common goal. Since the 1840s, the Chinese people have successively striven toward and made sacrifices for the rejuvenation of the nation, which resonates in every Chinese heart and is the common aspiration of all Chinese in and outside the country.

When visiting "The Road to Rejuvenation" exhibition at the National Museum of China, Xi proposed the rejuvenation of Chinese nation is the dream of the country, of the nation, and of every Chinese, because it brings together the interests of the nation and of individual citizens.

The Chinese Dream in essence means prosperity and strength for the country and happiness for the people.

The book highlights Xi's strong confidence in socialism with Chinese characteristics, as the right way to realize the Chinese Dream. He stresses that we should be fully confident in the path, the theory, and the system of Chinese socialism.

One of Xi's most famous quotes is: "Only the wearer of a pair of shoes knows if they fit, and only the people can best tell if the development path they have chosen suits their country." Xi believes that a country's unique cultural traditions, historical experiences and national conditions determine the development path that best suits its characteristics.

China is now confronted with a series of conflicts and challenges, such as unbalanced and unsustainable development, inadequacy of scientific and technological innovation, an industrial structure that needs upgrading, growing social conflicts and gaps between rural and urban incomes and development, as well as rampant corruption. If these problems are not solved, China's development will be hampered and the Chinese Dream will remain elusive.

Xi emphatically makes the point that deepening reform and opening-up is the only way to solve these problems. "Reform and opening-up are always ongoing and will never end."

The book presents Xi's overall vision of reform, and the particularities of how reform will impact on China's economy, politics, culture, society, ecology and national defense.

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