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Homage to Deng Xiaoping

( Updated: 2014-08-21 14:17

Deng Xiaoping was the paramount leader of the second generation of the Chinese Communist Party. While in office he pursued progressive measures that earned him the repect of an entire generation.

China's socialist reformation and liberalizing the economic system were his main acts, measures that are still in progress. His far-sighted modernization plan have made China the world's most foremost economic power.

Analysts say that reform and opening up, alongside the “one country two systems", policy are the signature measures Deng advocated in late 20th century.

These moves were milestones for the nation and examples to the world. Deng was a leader in the proletarian revolution, a Marxist and was known as a premier statesman, military strategist and diplomat.

On his 110th birthday on August 20, 2014, an commemoration was held at the Great Hall of the People.

President xi Jinping, premier Li Keqiang and other senior leaders were in attendance to pay respect.

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