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No leniency to terrorists

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-05-26 07:40

The Xinjiang Supreme People's court, Supreme People's Precuratorate and Public Security Bureau jointly released a document on Saturday saying they will crack down on terrorist activities.

It came after a deadly attack at a morning market in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on Thursday that killed 39 innocent people and injured more than 90.

The joint document reflects the resolute will of the government to show no leniency to terrorists. Those who are involved in terrorist activities will get lighter penalties if they turn themselves in within 30 days after the document takes effect on Saturday. While those who provide tips that lead to the arrest of terrorists or help persuade such criminals into turning themselves in will get a reward. Those found to extend helping hands to terrorists or their activities will be severely punished.

Anyone can be a victim of terrorist violence unless the efforts by all leave no room for the existence of terrorist elements in a society. This is particularly true for residents of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, as was shown by what happened at the market on Thursday.

Besides the efforts of armed police and other anti-terror forces, people of all ethnicities need to be mobilized to participate in the war against terrorism.

This does not mean that everybody needs to get directly involved in the physical fight with terrorists. An individual can contribute to the fight in different ways. He or she may provide tips that may lead to the identifying of a terrorist or discovery of a planned attack in advance. He or she may persuade a would-be terrorist into changing his or her mind. He or she may even help give publicity to the need for a severe crackdown on terrorism separatism and extremism.

The severest crackdown the government has launched on terrorism in accordance with the law sends the message that the organizers behind the scenes should never entertain the hope that the government and people will give in to their demands no matter how inhuman and brutal the attacks they launch.

The crimes they have committed and will commit can only make them the enemy of this country and its people. What they can expect is an environment where fewer and fewer people will find their way of expressing their will acceptable.

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