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Fix more problems than the media exposes

( Updated: 2013-01-22 21:54

After reflecting on a number of recent topical social issues, many media outlets, after reporting the incidents, have failed follow the story through and find out if the problem has been solved or not. Such a trend, which seems to be a result of the media's shifting focus, is in fact due to the negative attitude of some local departments, said an article in the People's Daily. Excerpts:

When a news event becomes a public issue, the public does not only seek the truth, but also wants to know who is responsible for the incident, how the aftermath should be dealt with and how similar problems can be avoided in the future. If officials only respond to high profile cases and negatively handle the problem, it is not being responsible to the public and it is not conducive to coming up with a practical solution.

More often than not, media reports have only exposed the problem, but it is the active solution by relevant department that can provide a solution to social concerns and eradicate the fertile ground for "half-finished news". Relevant departments and officials should not work harder when they are under public scrutiny only to slacken off once the attention is gone.

A transparent system of investigation and information processing should be established to push forward with problem solving. Also, supervision and accountability mechanisms should be improved to strengthen supervision with the introduction of social forces.

More importantly, relevant departments should reflect on the issues they have tacked that have attracted public attention and develop mechanisms to deal with such issues. Only by accepting supervision from the public and moreover, turning that pressure into motivation and solid work, can administrative departments make achievements and promote social progress.

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