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CPPCC members must be assessed properly

( Updated: 2013-01-22 22:00

The CPPCC Guangzhou Committee has launched an evaluation system to assess how members perform their duties, but it will struggle to get results, says an article in the Beijing News.

Her are excerpts:

Performance evaluation is good for the management of enterprises or government departments, but may not be appropriate for CPPCC members.

Under the new system, members will score by attending meetings, doing research, writing reports and submitting proposals, regardless of the quality of such activities.

The reason some members do not attend CPPCC meetings or take part in research is that they don't have the time, interest or necessary personal qualities for such activities.

So it would be more meaningful to reform the selection method for CPPCC members. For example, Shenzhen's bid to select CPPCC members through election in 2010 deserves wider promotion.

Meanwhile, efforts should also be made to boost relevant government departments' efficiency in dealing with CPPCC members' proposals, and members should be able to inquire about the handling of such proposals.

The report to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China says intensive consultation should be conducted on special issues with those who work on these issues, and with representatives from all sectors of society, and with relevant government authorities on the handling of proposals.

This is the right direction for CPPCC reform.

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