Lee Kuen-yao, Chairman of BenQ.
Lee Kuen-yao, Chairman of BenQ

Lee Kuen-yao was born in Taiwan on Sept 10, 1952. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from National Taiwan University and an MBA from the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland. He first joined Acer in 1976 and was promoted to vice general manager after a variety of positions in R&D, manufacturing and marketing. He became the general manager of BenQ in 1991.

Lee ended the BenQ-Siemens Mobile business at the downturn of his career under great pressure. But he took only one year to pull the company out of the unsuccessful acquisition and achieve visible success.

His thoughts on the industry at the time were insightful and he believed the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in Taiwan could progress only by adding value instead of simply reducing costs. Lee’s innovative management and pioneering spirit have sustained BenQ’s two decades of growth. He has helped BenQ become a World Top 50 Electronics Brand.

Lee Kuen-yao in BenQ.

Introduction to BenQ

BenQ Corporation is a Taiwanese multinational company that sells and markets consumer electronics, computing and communications devices under the "BenQ" brand name. BenQ Electronics and AU Optronics under BenQ are both World Top Ten IT Enterprises. BenQ is an industrial world leader in R&D, manufacturing and sales.

In 2004, BenQ’s global income reached $10.5 billion. In 1993, BenQ entered the Chinese mainland market. It established research centers in Suzhou and Nanking.

Now it has large-scale production bases and sales teams in Suzhou. BenQ has grasped a visible share of the Chinese mainland 3C market (computer, communication and consumer electronics). It has 14,500 staff members worldwide. The company has sales divisions in Europe, America, the Asian-Pacific and the Chinese mainland and production bases in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Mexico. It has over 2,000 engineers and 2,032 patents in its research centers for R&D and industrial designs.

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