Sentences for the innocent

By Erik Nilsson ( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-06-13 07:12:04

Sentences for the innocent

Children of convicts and executed criminals in the Morning Tears center in Henan's provincial capital Zhengzhou have a good time playing games on June 1, Children's Day. Photos by Erik Nilsson / China Daily

Sentences for the innocent
A small person's big identity question
The children of convicted criminals are often the forgotten victims of their parents' crimes. But, as Erik Nilsson writes, it's up to broader society to protect the vulnerable.

The kids were smashing frosting in my face. And I was retaliating with glee. I had always wanted to be in a food fight but never had the chance.

When they glopped seven birthday cakes' worth of icing on one another's face, it was another reminder of these kids' resilience.

It happened to be June 1, International Children's Day.

These are the children of convicts and executed criminals. They live in the Morning Tears center in Henan's provincial capital Zhengzhou.

The right to play is something most kids take for granted.

Play is often a luxury for children of convicts. But compared to "other" kids, including those without such backgrounds, seems enhanced at the Zhengzhou center. I even lived out some of my childhood aspirations, including my first water fight.

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