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NYU Shanghai hosts job fair for first graduates

By Zhou Wenting in Shanghai (China Daily) Updated: 2016-10-31 08:22

A job fair has been held at Shanghai New York University for its first batch of graduates, who will leave college next spring.

Dozens of enterprises from a variety of different fields took part in the event, and according to Yu Lizhong, chancellor and chairman of the university's board, they "showed great interest in our students with their outstanding English language skills, cross-cultural communication capabilities and global vision".

More than 280 students, including about 130 from abroad, are preparing to graduate next year, Yu said, with around half seeking employment and the rest intending to go on to further study.

A new policy, issued by the Shanghai authority earlier this month, allows foreign students graduating from higher education institutions in the city to look for jobs in its 2-year-old pilot free trade zone.

However, they can only stay and work if they have an innovative business plan, according to previous regulations.

Many foreign students have been inspired by the policy change, Yu said.

"They love Shanghai and believe a job here will fully utilize their skills," he said.

"They spend at least three out of the four years of their studies in Shanghai, so they have a more profound understanding of Chinese culture and the social environment than other foreigners who come here on exchange programs. They have also established social circles in the city."

Yu said a student from New York once asked him how to find work in Shanghai.

He said there were only two ways to do so: establish a startup, or find a job overseas and request a transfer.

"Now it's become easier for foreign graduates to get jobs here, and we're delighted to see this as it will help create bonds between China and other countries," Yu said.

Momachi Pabrai, a student at NYU Shanghai from the United States, said she is interested in working in the city upon graduation.

"China has a lot of new media programs so understanding marketing from the Chinese perspective is a whole new world. I'd love to have the opportunity to work for at least a couple of months in China's marketing landscape," said Pabrai, who majors in media and data analytics.

French cosmetics giant L'Oreal held a recruitment talk at NYU Shanghai on Oct 18, which drew a crowds of students from both the university and other institutions.

Liu Minjie, a recruiting officer with L'Oreal, said the company found that it has a lot in common with NYU Shanghai in terms of culture and values, such as being people-oriented and always being innovative.

"But actually we don't care about the education background of a candidate too much. The key is whether he or she possesses the traits we want, such as the pursuit of beauty, being self-driven, displaying team spirit and being earnest and down-to-earth," Liu said.

NYU Shanghai hosts job fair for first graduates

French cosmetics company L'Oreal conducts a recruitment presentation at Shanghai New York University in Shanghai on Oct 18.Gao Erqiang / China Daily

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