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Todes Ballet Alla Duhova

2016 China Tour

Date: March 25-26 - 7:30 pm

Venue: Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater

Price: 50-480 yuan

Todes is Moscow's hottest contemporary dance stunning fusion of styles. They perform from ballet to break, and from hip-hop to jazz. Today, Todes stride confidently over the globe, applauded by audiences in the US, Australia, France, Germany. It has won numerous international dance festivals. This Russian dance troupe was created, led and produced by celebrity choreographer Alla Duhova in 1986. A dance festival brought together four girls from a modern ballet troupe and four break dancing boys. They decided to work together and see what would come of it, eventually rising to fame via mutually rewarding collaboration with the Soviet-era pop diva Sofia Rotary. In 1991 Todes premiered their solo program. It currently has 60 ambitious and bright dancers. Duhova named her troupe after one of the most dangerous elements in figure skating. Today Alla Duhova is considered the founder of the modern Russian ballet. Vladimir Putin awarded her for her creativity and professionalism. Todes popularity crossed the borders of Russia and enjoyed international acclaim. The team has been creating masterpiece with the biggest names in showbiz such as Michaal Jackson, Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey and many others. "Our trademark is that we do not simply dance pure art-nouveau style, jazz funky beat or hip-hop as most Western groups do. We find it more interesting to absorb the latest dance fusion with Russian ballet roots, making sort of collages," Alla Duhova told The Global Times. Todes advances the art of dance worldwide as a legitimate and established performance art form. Through the avenues of performance, presence and education, Todes cultivates interest and talent in the art of dancing. The troupe is adored for its grace, athleticism, speed and beauty on the dance floor. Todes has been performing their shows in Antalya with the Art Event Group for already six years. It is one of the most loved tourist attractions Art Event Group produces. If you want to be regaled with unforgettable entertainment and watch the story expressed through dance, you surely should go and enjoy its newest show New. Love and devotion are surely poured into each performance.

Contact: 400-610-3721

Harry Potter: The exhibition

Date: March 19-31 - 10 am

Venue: Zhengda Plaza, Shanghai

Price: 110-450 yuan

In this amazing exhibition, guests will get an up close and personal look at the artistry and craftsmanship that went into creating the iconic props and costumes that appeared throughout the Harry Potter films. These authentic artifacts will be displayed in elaborate settings inspired by locations from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry including the Gryffindor? common room, Hagrid's hut and the Great Hall. This is your chance to step inside the famous wizard's magical world with Harry Potter: The Exhibition. Experience dramatic displays inspired by the Hogwarts film sets and see the amazing craftsmanship behind authentic costumes and props from the Harry Potter films. In partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Global Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES) created the 15,000-square-foot exhibition (1,400-square-meter) which includes artifacts and costumes from all eight Harry Potter films. Harry Potter: The Exhibition made its world premiere in Chicago in April 2009 before traveling on to Boston, Toronto, Seattle, New York City, Sydney and Singapore. After Singapore the tour will continue on to additional international cultural and entertainment venues, museums and institutions.

Contact: 400-610-3721

War Horse Chinese Version

Date: March 19-20 - 8 pm

Venue: Guangzhou Opera House

Price: 180-780 yuan

War Horse is a play based on the book of the same name by children's writer Michael Morpurgo, adapted for stage by Nick Stafford. Originally Morpurgo thought "they must be mad" to try to make a play from his best-selling 1982 novel; nonetheless, the play was a success. The play's West End and Broadway productions are directed by Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris; it features life-size horse puppets by the Handspring Puppet Company of South Africa, with "horse choreography" by Toby Sedgwick. The Guardian's Michael Billington wrote in his review: Elliott and Morris recreate the kaleidoscopic horror of war through bold imagery, including the remorseless advance of a manually operated tank, and through the line-drawings of Rae Smith projected on to a suspended screen. Admittedly the performers are somewhat eclipsed by the action ... The joy of the evening, however, lies in the skilled recreation of equine life and in its unshaken belief that mankind is ennobled by its love of the horse. The Wall Street Journal's Terry Teachout praised the puppetry, but gave mixed reactions to the play: "The fundamental flaw of 'War Horse' is that Nick Stafford, who wrote the script 'in association' (that's how the credit reads) with South Africa's Handspring Puppet Company, has taken a book that was written for children and tried to give it the expressive weight of a play for adults. Not surprisingly, Mr. Morpurgo's plot can't stand the strain. Dramatic situations that work perfectly well in the context of the book play like Hollywood clich��s onstage. In the first act, the craftsmanship is so exquisite that this doesn't matter-much - but things go downhill fast after intermission. The really big problem is the last scene, about which, once again, the drama critics' code commands silence.

Contact: 400-610-3721

Time For Fun by Hand Made Theater

Date: March 25-27 - 7 pm

Venue: Qinglan Theater, Beijing

Price: 150-300 yuan

Saint-Petersburg Hands Plastic Theater was created in 2007, all actors graduated from the State Theatrical Academy's puppetry faculty. The main point around which the company was formed was a special ability, even a talent for seeing something unique in ordinary things. Many different arm-hand development exercises helped make it possible for the actors to speak about everything using only their hands. Eventually, it became a genre. Hand Made took part in big shows held in The State Kremlin Palace (Moscow). Hand Made represented Russia at Cannes Russian Seasons in 2010. During this festival Hand Made received an official invitation to open The Carnival of Venice in Italy. In August 2012 "Hand Made" theater had UK debut and took part in The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in September. In 2012 theater won the main award of the Poppenspelfestival in Meppel, Netherlands.

Contact: 400-610-3721


Yoko Ono: Golden Ladders

Date: March 19-30 - 10 am

Venue: 798 Art District

Price: Phone for prices

Faurschou Foundation is happy to present the first solo exhibition with the world-renowned artist Yoko Ono in Beijing. The exhibition will offer the public an opportunity to participate in her interactive art and take part in her honest and utopian, yet forceful, universe and life philosophy. The exhibition shows a variety of works from Yoko Ono's extensive artistic career, and includes important pieces from her early Fluxus and Conceptual work. Ideas, rather than materials, make up the core of Yoko Ono's art. Based on verbal or written instructions for actions that are utopian, ephemeral and performable, Yoko Ono presents viewers with art which becomes a shared mental or physical experience. The exhibition begins outdoors with a Wish Tree for Beijing garden, planted with "Three Friends of Winter" - pine, bamboo and plum trees, symbolizing steadfastness, perseverance and resilience - the scholar-gentleman's ideal. Viewers are invited to write a wish and hang it on to a branch of a tree. At the conclusion of the exhibition, all of the wishes will be sent to Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland to join wishes from millions of people from around the world who have participated the Wish Tree project dated back to 1996.

Contact: 010-5978-9316

Finding India in China

Date: March 20 - 6 pm

Venue: iQiYi Cafe

Price: 50 yuan

Anurag Viswanath's debut book is a whirlwind journey across China, slicing through preconceptions and shibboleths through her diverse interactions - with Muslim housewives in Xinjiang, Mongols dressing up for tourism, academics, baijiu-loving party officials, restless migrant workers, and more. In this talk, moderated by Daniel Ho, Viswanath will provide an Indian's perspective on China - there is little understanding or scholarship about China in India, and yet the countries are similar in their vastness and underappreciated diversity, from the "orphan colony" of Jews in Kaifeng and Cochin to internal migration and pockets of discontent. As one reviewer notes about Finding India in China, "With a scholar's depth, a journalist's eye for the detail and a story-teller's wit, Anurag Viswanath takes the reader to intimate arenas of living history through Indian parallels and presents a uniquely insightful treatise on contemporary China." This event will be held at iQiyi, an official festival venue located next to The Bookworm. This event is part of the Bookworm Literary Festival, visit

Contact: 010-6586-9507

Rolling Music Course for Kids and Young Adults: Make Music Fun

Date: March 19-30 - 1:30 pm

Venue: Rolling Music Classroom

Price: 5,800 yuan

Rolling Music provides a full year course as well as winter and summer programs for young musicians from ages 6 to 17. Our instructors, who have over ten years of teaching and performing experience, excel at making music composition and performance simple and fun. Learn all the band instruments, including keyboard, guitar, bass, drum, vocal and music production. Master the techniques to turn your own inspiration into a masterpiece with our engineering courses. Practice, collaborate and perform with friends, classmates and instructors to hone your technique skills and accumulate live performance experience. Those who have training with classic music will also learn to thrive in music from popular culture and overall develop a stronger affinity with your instrument. What is music production? Explore nuance and the possibilities in recording and production with Rolling Music's computer software, studio equipment and sound engineering, and D-Jaying courses. This course benefits amateur singer songwriters, aspiring sound engineers and club DJs. Rolling Music instructors will integrate courses in music theory, style acquisition, sampling, software to diversify our musician students' proficiency in taste and execution. Course Description: Phase I: Sound theory and basic software operations with DAW equipment and music production software like Logic, Pro Tools and Ableton Live. Computer Effects control and input. The Use of the Midi Keyboard. Editing and layering audio tracks. Phase II: Composition; record and produce technical and theoretical ideas. Create your sound. Recording session with various instruments. Looping tracks and track recording. Drum tracking. Vocal tracking. Phase III: Sampling and audio enhancement. Production balance and equalization. Track mastering and final production. Course for DJs. Follow Rolling Music Wechat "rollinmusic" to know more courses and activities.



2016 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix

Date: April 15-17 - 9 am

Venue: Shanghai International Circuit

Price: 380-2,760 yuan

See the greatest racing show on earth this April as the pinnacle of racing technology hurtles around 5.5 kilometers of China's finest track at breakneck speeds. Va-va-voom! The race organizers have arranged the event for the best pricing and viewing options ever with lower-priced tickets and greater pit lane access.

Contact: 400-610-3721

2016 AFC Champions League - Shanghai Sipg VS Melbourne Victory

Date: April 19 - 7:30 pm

Venue: Shanghai Stadium

Price: 50-380 yuan

The AFC Champions League, commonly known as the Asian Champions League, is an annual continental club football competition organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Introduced in 2002, the competition replaced the Asian Club Championship which had run since 1985 and which had replaced the Asian Champion Club Tournament (1967-1971) after a 14-year hiatus. It is the premier club tournament in Asia, equivalent to the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores, and the UEFA, CAF, CONCACAF and OFC Champions League competitions. A total of 32 clubs compete in the round robin group stage of the competition. Clubs from Asia's strongest national leagues receive automatic berths, with clubs from other nations eligible to qualify via the qualifying playoffs and, in addition, they are also eligible to participate in the AFC Cup. Since 2009, the champions do not qualify automatically for the following year competition. The winner of the AFC Champions League qualifies for the FIFA Club World Cup. The most successful club in the competition is the Pohang Steelers with a total of three titles. The reigning champions of the competition are the Guangzhou Evergrande.

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