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Money at heart of audition for companions

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-03-10 08:08

AROUND 300 single women in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, China's southwestern province, participated in an audition on Tuesday that was tailor-made for a bunch of bachelors reportedly with assets of over 50 million yuan ($8 million). Twelve women were selected to accompany the bachelors on a trip to Dubai in West Asia in June. The organizer plans to stage similar auditions in another 30 cities. commented on Wednesday:

Elementary school teachers, yoga coaches, graduate students, white collar workers and even beauty pageant winners ... in all, over 2,000 applicants, aged from 19 to 48, registered to take part in the matchmaking event.

There seems to be double standards for the two parties. The organizer emphasized that it was an event designed for the single wealthy men, while they requested the female candidates reveal their social media posts for vetting. On the one hand, the bachelors were said to be very rich and the reward will be a costly trip to Dubai. On the other hand, the female candidates were filtered through their attitudes toward money and leisure.

Love and marriage should be built and developed through mutual respect and affection, instead of material considerations.

Women are supposed to be loved. The more you love them, the more beautiful they become. This is not a proverb but a truth that all women in the universe would agree with. Some Chinese men are well aware of that and are trying their best to make this day a special one for their female counterparts.

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